Docket Zoom App (Coming Soon)

Docket Zoom App

(Coming Soon)

Found in the new library of Zoom Apps, Docket’s Zoom App unifies your meeting experience with shared agendas and collaborative meeting notes.

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One Window, One Focus

Virtual meetings with Zoom allow remote teams to connect in new ways, but it can be challenging to manage work meeting processes in the current state of disconnected documents and individualized windows. The new Docket Zoom App is designed to eliminate the awkward juggle of sharing one screen and the back-and-forth of taking important notes and engaging with your team.

Come to meetings prepared

Within Zoom, take advantage of Docket’s collaborative meeting workspace. Start with a professional agenda template, share it with your team, and add discussion topics, documents, and other resources together so that everyone knows what the meeting will be about and how everyone can best prepare for the conversation ahead.

Create clarity

Clearly document decisions and assign next steps in real-time without leaving the Zoom meeting window. Unify your meeting experience with everything in one place so you can focus on engaging with your team and guests.

Save your meeting records

Organize your team notes, decisions, action items, and attachments alongside the Zoom meeting transcript and recording in Docket so nothing is lost. Lean on Docket’s growing library of integrations with top CRMs and document storage solutions.

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