Docket App for Zoom

Docket App for Zoom

Docket’s app for Zoom enhances meeting productivity to make meetings better before they start, while they’re happening, and long after they’re over.

Stop Asking, ‘Can I Share My Screen?’

Built for teams who need to make the most of every meeting, the Docket app for Zoom Meetings unifies the power of Zoom’s video conferencing and Docket’s collaborative framework for end-to-end meeting management.

Come to meetings prepared

Take advantage of Docket’s collaborative meeting workspace directly from the Zoom meeting window. Quickly set meeting goals, create a meeting agenda, share it with your team, and add discussion topics, documents, and other resources together so that everyone can best prepare for the conversation ahead.

Stay focused

Create clarity and focus in real-time without juggling between tabs and windows. Document decisions and assign next steps in real-time without leaving the Zoom meeting window. Unify your meeting experience with everything in one place so you can focus on engaging with your team and guests.

Save your meeting records

Save and organize your meeting notes, takeaways, and more where you can easily find it again. Lean on Docket’s growing library of integrations with top CRMs and document storage solutions to memorialize meeting artifacts for when you need them.

Winner of the 2020 Zoom “Whale Watch” App Marketplace Competition, Docket has helped thousands of teams adopt better meeting habits from preparation to follow-through

Please note: In some cases, you’ll need to ask your Zoom account administrator for help. You can verify who is the owner of your company’s Zoom account by checking your account profile page.

Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!