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Zoom Meeting Software

Zoom meeting software is a cloud-based video communications application that facilitates collaboration through virtual audio and video conferencing. Businesses use Zoom to hold meetings, give webinars, and chat, and individuals use it to stay in touch with friends and family. Whether someone is looking for Zoom app download for pc or Zoom app for Mac, and because the application works on devices running Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems, it’s easy to stay connected no matter the device.

Businesses are charged for the service, although Zoom offers free versions for personal and small business use. Individuals participating in a Zoom meeting can connect for free. Other virtual collaborative solutions such as Goggle Meet and Cisco WebEx saw increased usage in 2020, but no company matched Zoom’s rapid growth.

Zoom’s sales rose 326% in 2020, and profits went from $21.7 million in 2019 to $671.5 million in 2020. The company expects sales to grow at least 40% in 2021. Most of its growth comes from the increase in remote workers as more companies continue to operate with a remote or hybrid workforce.

Despite claims that remote employees would be less productive, a recent survey found that 52% of employers said their employees were more productive when working from home. As a result, more than 60% of employers plan to increase spending on virtual collaboration tools and training. All of these changes bode well for Zoom’s continued success.

Part of Zoom’s appeal is its simplicity. Participants do not need to pay to join a Zoom meeting. They download the Zoom app for PCs or Macs and set up an account. People can even download Zoom’s mobile app for on-the-go meetings.

How Does Zoom Work?

Zoom offers different subscription levels, depending on company size and needed functionality. The application’s interface varies according to the device, but every session begins with Scheduling a Meeting.

After logging into an account, select the Schedule icon and set up a meeting using the following options.

  • Meeting Name. Supply a name that clearly identifies the meeting topic.
  • Date and Time. The meeting time defaults to the Time Zone on the device. Use the dropdown menu to change the time zone for the meeting.
  • Meeting ID. Zoom generates the ID that is needed to join a meeting.
  • Passcode. Create a passcode to access the meeting.
  • Waiting Room. The Waiting Room feature allows the host to control when a participant joins the meeting.
  • Authenticated Users. Restricts participants to signed-in users. Participants without an account are denied access.
  • Encryption. Choose between enhanced encryption or end-to-end encryption.
  • Video. Allow hosts and participants to join with video on or off.
  • Audio. Hosts can restrict audio to telephone or computer audio or both.
  • Calendar. Select the calendar service such as Outlook or Google calendar, to use to send out invites.
  • Join. Hosts can allow participants to join a meeting before the start time. The joining time can be set to anytime prior to the start time.
  • Mute. Hosts can have all participants muted until the host joins the meeting.
  • Record. Save recorded meetings to a local device or in the cloud.

After the options are complete, the meeting is saved and appears in the selected calendars. Other features to consider when scheduling a meeting are:

  • Chat. During a meeting, private messages can be sent to individuals in the meeting.
  • Screen-sharing. Hosts may share their screens with participants.
  • Breakout rooms. A single meeting can be divided into smaller groups for individual conversations.

Added features are available through the Zoom Marketplace.

Why Use Zoom Cloud Meetings?

Zoom cloud meetings download are a great way to share details with participants. Zoom provides an audio transcription for cloud recordings if attendees do not want to listen or view the meeting again. In 2021, Zoom added an option for recording disclaimers to appear at the start of a recorded session to help organizations comply with industry or government-specific regulations. Recording meetings can help with the following:

Attendance Having a roll call at the start of each meeting identifies absent members. For participants who frequently miss meetings, the recording identifies how often members are absent so that corrective action can be taken. Recorded meetings may also serve as an incentive for absentee members to attend.

For members who occasionally miss meetings, recordings enable them to stay informed. If action items are assigned, they are aware of who is responsible and can ensure that deadlines are met. The recordings serve as a resource for all participants.

Reference Everyone needs reminders. That’s why individuals take notes at meetings or in classrooms. Sometimes the note-taking means missing key points in a discussion. Recording removes the need to take comprehensive notes, enabling attendees to fully engage in discussions.

Recordings also serve as a source of truth for what transpired during a meeting. If anyone wants to check on an assignment or review a decision, they only need to listen to the recording to find the answer. Recordings can improve productivity by reducing the back, and forth that happens when someone forgets the details of an assignment or its due date.

Transparency Making recordings available fosters a sense of inclusiveness. It provides insight into how decisions are made and who makes them. This openness across an enterprise can help organizations make more thoughtful decisions. It also provides opportunities for employees to become more engaged and identifies avenues for receiving added input.

Action Plans When meetings are recorded, participants often stay more focused. The asides that drag discussion off-topic don’t happen as often. Instead, decisions are made, assignments given, and deadlines created. The recordings become an action plan for participants—a plan they can always refer to if necessary. Unresolved or tabled items are not forgotten but are available for review at a subsequent Zoom cloud meeting.

Download Recordings Zoom download mac are available if the meeting host has marked them for sharing. When users log in, they select recordings from the home page—a list of viewable recordings display. Users select the record and then from the Zoom meeting download from the dropdown menu.

How to Make Zoom Meetings Productive

What makes a good meeting doesn’t change because it is virtual. Meetings need agendas with clear goals. The agenda and all pertinent information should be distributed before the meeting, including any ground rules for a virtual or hybrid experience. Instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting may be included, or a link provided that outlines how to use a Zoom login and navigate the application.

Virtual meeting protocols may include:

  • Cameras must be on at all times.
  • Mute should be on when joining a meeting.
  • Attendees should be in a quiet location with minimal distractions.
  • Mute should remain on unless speaking.

Although note-taking can continue, Zoom meetings are recorded and are available for Zoom.us download after a meeting. The meeting host should ensure that the meeting recording is available and provide directions on how to access it. Join Zoom meeting by phone typically follows the same protocols as above.

As a courtesy, the host may recap key points and assignments to include with the email letting participants know the recording is available. A summary provides essential information to keep a team focused for those who do not want to review the recording.

How To Join A Zoom Meeting For The First Time

While Zoom sign up is not required, participants must download the Zoom client to attend a Zoom meeting. When invited to a meeting, users can click on the link to begin the download process or go to the Zoom website and download the application manually. Participants can set up an account or use the Zoom meeting ID to attend a meeting. Alternatively, participants can join meeting by phone using Zoom’s dial-in feature.

Although it’s not mandatory, participants should consider signing up for a Zoom account. It’s free and provides access to the Zoom application. Before attending the first meeting, create an account and download the Zoom client for your device.

Downloading Zoom for PC To download Zoom apps for PCs, use the following steps. Administrator access rights may be required to download and install the application.

  1. Open an internet browser.
  2. Navigate to the Zoom website for your region, such as zoom.us
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Home page.
  4. Select Download.
  5. Select Download under the Zoom Client for Meetings.
  6. Double-click on the downloaded *.exe file to begin installing the client.

Follow the instructions to complete the Zoom app install.

Zoom Download for Macs To begin a Zoom app download of the Mac client, use the following steps. Check system preferences to ensure administrator rights are enabled.

  1. Open an internet browser.
  2. Navigate to the Zoom website for your region.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Home page.
  4. Select Download.
  5. Select Download under the Zoom Client for Meetings. If prompted, select Allow to begin the download process.
  6. Double-click on the downloaded *.exe file to begin installing the client.
  7. Select Continue if prompted.

When the installation is complete, the Zoom meeting login screen displays.

Improving the Zoom Experience

Zoom users can deliver a better meeting experience through a meeting productivity app, accessible from the Zoom meeting window. Using the all new Zoom Apps, users can supercharge their meetings through planning, execution, and best practices for virtual or hybrid meetings without leaving the Zoom application by using the Docket app for Zoom. With Docket’s productivity solution, Zoom users can:

  • Use templates to create agendas.
  • Share agendas and pre-meeting materials with team members.
  • Access shared materials to document decisions and assign next steps.
  • Save the meeting notes that highlight key takeaways.
  • Join Zoom meetings.

Make Zoom meetings as productive as possible is as simple as using the Docket app for Zoom.

“Docket has quickly become essential to doing our best work at Studio Science. Meetings are critically important to the services we provide clients, and having a platform dedicated to making meetings more effective, collaborative, and structured is game changing.”

Steve Pruden, CEO at Studio Science

“Docket helps us build better agendas, easily share notes, and follow up on action items. We have noticed our meetings have better preparation and follow through since partnering with Docket.”

Roger Deetz, VP of Engineering at Springbuk

Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!