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To Do List App

Today, most businesses are looking for new creative ways to stay ahead of the competition. Meetings provide a platform for different stakeholders to plan, track progress and exchange ideas. This makes them a critical factor in the success of any organization. In addition to using tools such as Docket to make meetings more effective, to do lists will also help executives and managers in running meetings. Here are a few things to know about to do lists and meetings. 

To do lists help you be prepared for your meetings

During regular meetings, team members and stakeholders are assigned specific duties and responsibilities. In most cases, members will be required to report to the meeting on the progress made since the last meeting. To work towards the common goals, it is essential that you play your role as expected. This is why a good number of people have a meeting to do app like Docket to help them keep track and prepare for meetings.

Even with the convenience of a to do list app for desktop computers, you should strive to track your tasks. While a beautiful to do list will make your work easier, tracking tasks by yourself will promote efficient task management, helping you to handle multiple tasks at once. Also, you will be in a better position to complete tasks within the set time, effectively saving time and other resources. Project task tracking also helps you focus on priorities and improve overall project efficiency. In the end, the best to do list app 2019 will help you prepare for the tasks to be executed. When combined with tracking of tasks, your efforts will have a greater impact, and you will be better prepared for the next status updates and meetings.

Task Management 101: Understanding how to keep a good to do list

To realize the benefits of task management, it is important to understand the process and know which areas to focus on. Keeping a good to do list also goes a long way in ensuring that the process is seamless. As managers search for examples of a to do list online, here are the steps they should familiarize themselves with. 

  • Planning – during the initial stages, all the people involved in the project will meet to plan the process. Task management begins at this stage, with the different tasks being outlined and deadlines being set during planning meetings. 
  • Testing – After the planning stage, testing will help to establish whether the product will ensure customer satisfaction and meet the required need. This stage also helps to determine whether the process will deliver the expected product or service. 
  • Tracking – Tracking involves reviewing progress to find out whether the project is on course. This is done regularly to identify any potential bottlenecks and ensure that the project will be completed in time. 
  • Reporting on the outcome – The last stage of task management involves reporting on the outcome. Stakeholders are briefed on the process as well as the outcome before they give their input. 

There are task areas that every manager, executive, and team member should know if they are to stay organized.  Below are some of the key areas in task management. 

  • Due dates – It is critically important that the team focuses on due dates to ensure tasks are done and completed before the set deadlines. 
  • Keeping an eye on quality – Quality plays a crucial role in ensuring the product meets the targeted needs. 
  • Noting the percentage complete – At every stage of the process, managers can rely on tools and software to keep track of the percentage of work completed. When using tools like Docket or  Wunderlist, reviewing your task status can help identify how far along a project is. 
  • Providing updates – All stakeholders should be updated on the progress of the project regularly. Managers must ensure effective communication and sharing of ideas throughout the process. 

Taking into account the process and the main points of focus will help produce the expected results.

Meetings create tasks and to do list templates can help

When developing a product or service that will meet customer needs, there is always a need to have a number of meetings. These meetings create tasks for each of the individual team members and provide a platform through which the members can share ideas, express challenges, and review progress. With the important role that meetings play in this process, it is necessary to make sure that they are effective. Task management can help in ensuring that every meeting held contributes to the success of the project. 

Today, business managers are looking at to do lists as one way of working towards the set goals. Once every meeting attendee has their tasks outlined, a to do list template can help to ensure the completion of tasks.Managers should strive to get the right to do list template to keep team members on track. There are many benefits to identifying the right template to be used throughout the project. Below is how a good to do list template can help.

  • Creating and assigning tasks – The right template for a project will guide meeting attendees on how to create meaningful tasks and assign them to the most qualified members to handle them. Similarly, such a template makes it easier to understand tasks allocate resources for the execution of the tasks. 
  • Prioritizing important items – One of the main benefits of a to do list template is that it can help the team to prioritize important items. Items that will have a huge impact on the project will be dome first and be allocated enough time. 
  • Following up on progress – This helps in dealing with challenges as well as check whether things are going as planned. A great template outlines what should be done, making it easy to track whether the specific tasks have been completed. 
  • Executing tasks – A template will ensure that every team member understands the tasks assigned to them. With such a template, the members will have a clear picture of what they are supposed to do, making it easy to execute tasks. 
  • Promoting teamwork – Large projects will involve a number of teams working together. A to do list template will promote seamless collaboration of the different teams, ensuring teamwork that contributes towards achieving a common goal. 

Task tracking options to help you stay organized

There are a number of products that complement the Docket meeting software to ensure that tasks are completed in time. Anyone who wishes to make the best of their meetings can Google to do list app to find what works for them. Below are task tracking options that can help you stay organized. 


Docket, a meeting-focused workspace solution, allows for the efficient creation of tasks, tracking of to do lists, and managing of tasks, automatically tying your meetings and tasks together for better visibility and tracking. Docket syncs right to your calendar and enables you to easily search and find anything related to your meetings so you can have greater context and view history regarding your assigned tasks. 

Google Keep

The Google Keep app is one of the great tools to make, save, and access lists and notes. While the app is limited in features, Google Keep to do list app lets you sync photos, checklists, voice notes, and text notes across multiple devices. 


The Todoist app contains a number of great features, is well-designed and user-friendly. After a successful Todoist login, users can create sub-tasks, sub-projects, and organize tasks. 


The Wunderlist to do list app has a sleek, user-friendly design, making this a great productivity tool. A Wunderlist download offers users a number of options; depending on preferences, users can go for Wunderlist android or Wunderlist Windows 10. 

There are many more tools available today. This makes it important to do research in order to identify the best to do list app 2018. The good news is that whether you are shopping for the best to do list for iPhone, the best to do list app android or simply a to do list app for windows, there will be something for you. 

Best to do list options

As much as meetings software and tools can help in improving efficiency, some managers are concerned about the cost of incorporating these products in their operations. The good news is that it is possible to find many free options without an added cost to the business. At the same time, there are products with paid plans that users can access without breaking the bank. However, choosing affordable options that will not add to the budget will require that executives and managers do some research. 

One of the best ways to identify the best free to do list app would be to search online. A to do list app for Windows 10 free download is straightforward and should not take much time. A look at the task tracking options mentioned above can help users identify a suitable free to do list app for their projects. Although the focus could be on getting a free to do list option that will deliver great results, users should never compromise on quality.

In the long run, executives and managers should remember that these tools will help boost efficiency when paired with software such as Docket. The good news is that Docket offers a free plan and will not lead to extra costs for the business. This means that users can create and manage tasks until completion without incurring any additional costs. It is important to identify tools that complement Docket meeting software to ensure effective tracking of tasks throughout the process. 

Additional features that can help make task tracking even better

When shopping around for task tracking tools that will meet the needs of a project, it is important to consider a number of features. While there are common features across different tools, users should look out for those that have distinguished themselves. Here are some additional features to help task tracking much better. 

  • Time tracking – There is no doubt that every project has to be tracked based on time. Time and resources spent on each tasks should be monitored and calculated. Time tracking will also come in handy when measuring employee performance. 
  • Working offline – The offline capability provided by tools like Google Keep offline app allows users to add photos, to-dos, and notes when offline. These additions are then synced up with tools like the Android app once the user has an internet connection. 
  • Collaboration – Collaboration is a key part of task management. A to do list app for couples and teams allows for collaboration by encouraging the sharing of information, sharing of tasks, and receiving updates from time to time. 

With Docket, users get to receive daily reminders to help them know when they have tasks that are due. This contributes to the timely completion of tasks, helping to achieve the set goals.

Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!