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Sprint Review Template

At the end of your sprint, bring your team together to review the work you’ve completed. Use this sprint review agenda template to maximize your opportunity to provide feedback and push your projects to greater heights.

agile sprint review meeting agenda template

Look back at what you've accomplished together

Agile teams work hard to have a potentially shippable product, feature, or campaign by the end of their sprint and they move quickly to make this happen. The sprint review is both helpful and necessary to determine if that was accomplished, and review what was completed alongside what was not.

Structured feedback for better results

Without a place for feedback, teams can fall into a spiral that leads to less and less accountability. Without honest feedback on projects, teams may grow content and miss growth opportunities.

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Sprint Review

Meeting duration

60 minutes


6-10 persons







*Varies widely

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Sprint Review Agenda

Once the team has finished its sprint, the team leader or manager should schedule a sprint review meeting. The sprint review meeting agenda should cover all the work done over the sprint. The sprint review covers the accomplishments and provides demos to all the team members. Team members can then discuss each project or task and offer recommendations for improving the work.

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