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Sprint Review Template

At the end of your sprint, bring your team together to review the work you’ve completed. Use this sprint review agenda template to maximize your opportunity to provide feedback and push your projects to greater heights.

agile sprint review meeting agenda template

Look back at what you've accomplished together

Agile teams work hard to have a potentially shippable product, feature, or campaign by the end of their sprint and they move quickly to make this happen. The sprint review is both helpful and necessary to determine if that was accomplished, and review what was completed alongside what was not.

Structured feedback for better results

Without a place for feedback, teams can fall into a spiral that leads to less and less accountability. Without honest feedback on projects, teams may grow content and miss growth opportunities.

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Sprint Review

Meeting duration

60 minutes


6-10 persons







*Varies widely

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Sprint Review Agenda

Once the team has finished its sprint, the team leader or manager should schedule a sprint review meeting. The sprint review meeting agenda should cover all the work done over the sprint. The sprint review covers the accomplishments and provides demos to all the team members. Team members can then discuss each project or task and offer recommendations for improving the work.

At the end of every sprint or milestone, there’s a sprint review. Sprint review meetings — also known as the sprint review ceremony — should be concise and impactful. Development teams, product owners, and project managers will all get together, align their expectations, and ensure that the project is going in the direction it should be. Understandably, a sprint review meeting is extremely important.

Sprint Review Ceremony

A sprint review ceremony is just a meeting — a meeting with a very specific agenda. Most sprint review ceremonies will be anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the sprint. The ultimate goal of the sprint review is to cover what occurred during the sprint, any challenges encountered, and highlight any challenges moving forward. With a sprint review document template, you can create a sprint review agenda suited to your project.

The development team and product owner should be involved. If it’s an important milestone, other key stakeholders may be called in. You can look at sprint demo feedback or a sprint review sample to get a better idea of how a sprint review works to inform stakeholders and gather information moving forward.

Sprint reviews aren’t just about challenges, though. The sprint review report template should also include celebrations. To keep teams focused and motivated, those running the sprint review meetings should discuss everything that they’ve done right and well — and what they need to keep up going forward.

Sprint Review Checklist

Before developing your sprint review template, consider the following sprint review best practices:

  • Make sure the appropriate stakeholders and team members are involved. They should be alerted well before the sprint begins, and the sprint should be scheduled so that every critical person can attend.
  • Create a complete sprint review checklist. This checklist can be used for guidance in all your sprint reviews, so these reviews remain consistent throughout.
  • Distribute relevant materials and reports before the meeting. This gives everyone time to review the materials beforehand so that the meeting can be more impactful.
  • Make sure the meeting is thoroughly documented. It’s difficult to create functional change unless documentation is kept; the more thorough the documentation, the better.

Your sprint review checklist should include:

  • What has and has not yet been done?
  • Any challenges encountered during the sprint.
  • Any wins during the sprint.
  • Changes from the original plan.
  • The next steps for the sprint team.

During your sprint reviews, encourage your team to come up with additional sprint review ideas. They should be able to give feedback regarding the meetings, including how the meetings could be optimized to make them more effective. You can look at a sprint review demo to see how other companies handle their sprint reviews, consider the projects, services, and industries involved.

Sprint Review Template

What does a sprint review agenda template contain? If you’re looking for guidance on constructing your sprint review or sprint review agenda, a sprint review template can help. You can download many templates free — or find templates through enterprise resource planning and project management solutions. A template will have to be modified and customized for your company, but it gives you an excellent starting point when learning more about how these sprint ceremonies work and what ground they need to cover.

A sprint review demo template should include the basics of running a sprint review:

  • The initial goal of the sprint was
  • Requirements that were contained within the sprint
  • Requirements that were met during the sprint
  • What went well or went poorly during the sprint
  • Any adjustments that are going to be made moving forward
  • Feedback from any key stakeholders
  • Closing information about the next sprint

Collecting feedback from key stakeholders is an important part of the sprint review. Under agile methodology, the product owners and key stakeholders must work very closely with the team. As they work closely with the team, things may start to evolve. And as these things evolve, the project itself may need to be modified.

Once the sprint review is completed, everyone involved should know what the next steps are.

Planning for your sprint review meetings ahead of time can make it a lot easier. If you miss things during your sprint reviews, you’re not going to be able to course-correct in time to save your product. But if you can leverage sprint reviews effectively, you can have tighter, more optimized iterative cycles.

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