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Quarterly Planning Meeting Agenda Template

A successful quarterly planning meeting depends on participants being prepared and ready to discuss strategic initiatives that will meet organizational goals. Ensure your team is aligned every step of the way with this free quarterly planning meeting agenda template.

quarterly planning meeting agenda template

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Quarterly Meeting and Agenda

Many employees are often confused by what quarterly planning entails. Unlike the strategic planning session, these meetings are held four times a year to plan out the next three months to ensure the company is on track with its strategic goals.

Why a Quarterly Meeting is Important

The quarterly planning meeting is important because, through the quarterly planning process, the company is given direction for the next three months and input for the upcoming year. Attendees look at upcoming plans and projects and study the prior quarter metrics to ascertain trends and direction. It helps both leadership and management teams prepare for the next quarter.

Determining a Quarterly Meeting Agenda

Just as an agenda is important for strategic planning, a quarterly meeting agenda is imperative for these important meetings. A quarterly planning template often helps facilitate these meetings by keeping them on track and focused on the issues at hand. Without a quarterly planning worksheet, these meetings can become confusing and long, wasting everyone’s valuable time. When considering a quarterly meeting agenda, the planners should keep these points in mind for discussion:

  • What were the knowledge gains, metrics, and outcomes from last quarter?
  • What is the overall strategic plan for this quarter?
  • What are the identified concerns? How will they be addressed?
  • What are the next quarter’s projects? What resources are being allocated to them?
  • What are the current action items? Who is assigned them?
  • Are there any outstanding open items? Who will research them and present findings?
  • What are the plans for the upcoming year?

This is by no means a full list of items to discuss. When looking for an agile quarterly planning template, be sure that the template covers at least the basics and be flexible enough to add more meeting items. Planning coordinators looking for a useful quarterly planning template can find a free quarterly meeting agenda template here.

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