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Quarterly Business Review Agenda Template

At regular intervals, reach out to your clients to discuss goals, performance, and feedback to reduce churn, increase expansion opportunities, and build stronger relationships. This free quarterly business review agenda template can help ensure consistency and accountability.

quarterly business review meeting agenda template

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A quarterly business review should begin with a dive into the client’s goals or business objectives. Only once you have a clear understanding of those should you move onto a brief account overview or recap/summary of work before once again focusing on the customer and inviting feedback, notes, thoughts, and more.

Never lose an important note

Quarterly business reviews are packed with important information and resources for your client. In the flurry of discussion, it can be easy to miss an important note, follow-up, or question you need to return to later. Document everything with an online quarterly business template to ensure white-glove customer experiences.

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Quarterly Business Review Agenda

Meeting duration

60 minutes


5-10 persons







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Free Quarterly Business Review Template

When conducting a quarterly business review, this is one of the most common meetings that sales teams might have to conduct. It is a good idea to make sure that everyone plans for this meeting appropriately. They might be asked to answer some quarterly business review questions or prepare a quarterly business review presentation. Regardless, it is a good idea to refer to a QBR agenda example when preparing for this meeting. When it comes to quarterly business review best practices, it might be a good idea to refer to a free quarterly business review template PPT or an internal quarterly business review template to ensure that everyone is on the same page. For example, a supplier quarterly business review template might not look the same from company to company.

Regardless, there are a few common themes that might take place during a quarterly business review. The goal of this meeting is to review the top goals and initiatives with the customer. During the meeting, make sure that all guests are introduced to each other so that everyone understands who’s who. Then, go through a summary of the customer’s goals. Ask the customer what they would like to accomplish this year, this quarter, and in the future. Ask if there have been any changes to the business or if the customer’s strategy has changed.

Finally, review the current account data and see if anything needs to change. This is where the sales team is going to make its mark. If there are any changes in the account data that need to be changed, ask the customer why. Then, see if there is anything the company can do to meet the needs of those changes. These simple steps during a quarterly business review can go a long way toward ensuring a team can retain the customer and grow that account. This is why quarterly business reviews are so important. Make sure to go into every quarterly business review with a defined plan of action.

As a rule, the agenda should always be sent ahead of time. Give the customer time to process any resources or reports as well so that they can come with well-informed feedback or questions for you and your team. It’s also a best practice is to save your meeting notes to your system of record so they can be reviewed regularly–particularly before your next QBR.

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