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Project Status Update Template

Keeping your team aligned is vital to the success of any project. This free project status update template can be used for teams in person or remote for greater alignment and transparency.

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Project Status Update

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Weekly Project Status Reports

Few project teams enjoy weekly status meetings. Not because they do not value the updates, but because they are usually long. There’s always that person who goes into excruciating detail or the individual whose update is one sentence. Often, the meeting is a series of updates without any clear direction or action items for follow-up. Project status meetings don’t have to be unproductive. With the right weekly project status report template, anyone can write an informative project status report.

What is a Project Status Report?

Project status reports are a snapshot of business-critical tasks. They keep all stakeholders informed and aligned. They are a tool that enables team members to:

  • Cut across organizational lines to keep stakeholders informed
  • Gather and distribute information
  • Enable informed decision-making
  • Enhance critical messages and goals
  • Act as a recorder of past events, decisions, and actions

Without weekly updates, it’s impossible to know if a project is on schedule. That makes it difficult to make adjustments to get the project back on track.

Weekly Project Updates for Cross-Functional Teams

As silos disappear and collaborative efforts increase, the use of cross-functional teams becomes more prevalent. These teams, while healthy for an organization’s growth, do present communication challenges. One way to ensure all members are aligned is through weekly project status reports. Since the same topics will apply from week to week, a cross-functional team status report template can make life easier for everyone.

A well-written report may use a weekly project status template that includes:

  • Completed Work
  • Next Step
  • Revised Timelines
  • Action Items
  • Risk Assessment

The project status report template may vary from project to project, and not all sections may be needed.

Simple Weekly Status Report Template

A basic weekly status report template can be divided into three parts:

  • Review
  • Goals
  • Update

Each part should be concise but not cryptic. The report may be combined with others to create an Executive Project Status Report, keeping both audiences in mind. Don’t forget to title the report, including the date range being discussed. A sample title might be: Sandbox Status Update (July 15) if it is project-specific, or Jane’s Status update (July 15) if the report is for an individual.

Review or What Happened Since the Last Update

This segment should contain the highlights for all projects. Unless specifically asked, one status report per person should be sufficient. There’s no need to provide a separate document for each project. Instead, the paragraphs should present an overview of each assigned project.

A project-specific review might discuss what work was completed in the past week. For example, modules 006 (Data Collection) and 007 (Data Cleaning) were turned over to QA for testing. Module 008 is behind schedule because the developer was out sick.

Goals or What’s Happening Next Week

This section lists goals for the upcoming week. A weekly report template can help organize the material, so it is not just a laundry list of items without context. Provide a short paragraph on the projects being included followed by a list of projects and their goals. If reporting on multiple projects, use the project name as a heading with the goals listed underneath. The goals may be taken from the project specification.

Update or What’s Needed

Under each project, there should be revised timelines, action items, and risk factors for each project. Updates should follow the same pattern as the previous sections. Be careful not to repeat information that was included in previous sections and be clear about what is needed to complete the project.

Weekly Status Report Example

Here is an example of a status report that illustrates how a multi-project status report template can be used. If the report will be emailed, the report title should be in the subject line. In addition, names should appear in the distribution list. If not emailed, the identification information should appear first.

Jane’s Weekly Status Report Update

I’m working on two projects: Customer Survey for Marketing and Data Collection Methods. The 005 survey module is on schedule; however, the 010 data collection module is not. Added staff will be required to meet the deadline.

What Happened the Week of July 15

  • Customer Survey for Marketing. Questions have been added to the test webpage. Waiting for marketing to review before sending to QA.
  • Data Collection. Ongoing work on collecting data from web applications. Waiting for approval of survey contents before testing.

Goals for Next Week

  • Customer Survey. Interface with QA to resolve issues and assess when the software will be released for final testing
  • Data Collection. Begin designing data collection framework based on survey outcomes

Updates or What’s Needed

  • Customer Survey. This task is moving forward as planned. The outcome of QA testing will determine if the module can be released as scheduled.
  • Data Collection. This task was delayed because the developer was out sick. It is anticipated that the effort can be back on schedule by the end of next week. If not, additional staff may be needed temporarily.

Free Weekly Project Status Report Template

Whether a team leader or member, templates make it easier for everyone. Team members can deliver updated information quickly because the critical components of the report are already outlined. Team leaders or project managers can quickly review the information and select the information that is needed for an executive status report. Docket’s free project status report template keeps teams aligned and productive.

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