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Goal Setting One-On-One Template

Encourage employee growth and build stronger team relationships with a personal one-on-one to discuss career goals, project goals, personal goals, and more. This free goal-setting one-on-one template can help to capture the finer points of your chat and memorialize milestones.

goal-setting one on one

Aim for bigger targets

Taking time to invest in your employees gives both you and them the opportunity to discover stretch goals that push the limits of what they may be capable of. Knowing what questions to ask is the first step to making meaningful growth decisions and setting big goals.

Save important decisions

An online goal setting template can help you and your employee save important discussion points and allow you to share targets easily. It can be frustrating to work so hard only to find you can't remember what the original goal was. Memorialize everything in Docket.

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Goal Setting One-On-One

Recommended duration

30-60 minutes


2 persons







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Goal Setting One on One Agenda

A common meeting that human resources departments might find themselves facing involves goal setting one-on-one. Smart goal setting is a part of the success of every organization. Therefore, it is a good idea for employees to look at personal goal examples so that they understand the various types of goal setting that might help them. When it comes to how to set goals and achieve them, it might be helpful to look at a goal setting worksheet. This worksheet can provide goal setting examples from a one-on-one meeting template that managers and employees can use to make sure they place themselves in a position to be successful.

When it comes to goal setting examples for work, it is good to use a one-on-one meeting agenda template—guided goal-setting as a critical part of success during the goal-setting process. For example, a personal goals examples list might include the results from the last period. Looking at measurable goals examples from an employe one on one meeting template, individuals should point out where they succeeded and where they fell short. A good one-on-one meeting template should also help managers and employees figure out what is working and what isn’t. Then, one of the most important one-on-one template manager tools should involve addressing challenges as well. If any frustrations have been experienced recently, they should be discussed. A one on one meeting agenda template should also discuss whether these challenges are getting in the way of their goals. That way, managers and employees will be able to brainstorm together, finding ways to overcome these challenges, set appropriate goals, and look toward the future with a positive outlook.

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