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Executive Strategy Session Template

Hold strategic discussions and make decisions with your Leadership team more effectively with better preparation and thorough follow-through. This free executive strategy session agenda template is quickly customizable to fit any team’s needs.

executive strategy session

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Strategic Planning Session and Agenda

Strategic planning is vital for a company’s future. And yet, many organizations do not operate with an executive strategy. In fact, 95 percent of employees do not know their company’s strategy, regardless of whether the organization has one or not. Organizations can rectify this with an executive strategy session that brings management together and defines the company’s objectives.

Why a Strategic Planning Session is Important

However, a strategic planning meeting requires a strategic planning session agenda. Otherwise, leaders will not meet the strategy meeting objectives, and many leads may decide that the meeting was a waste of their time. Instead, the person who calls the meeting should have a well-defined agenda that everyone receives ahead of time so that they are prepared to discuss the strategy session questions offered. The strategic planning session requires the leadership to look at where the company is heading and determine if it matches its overall vision and goals. Some projects that look good may not quite align with the company’s strategy. At the same time, there may be new ideas on achieving the company and leadership’s objectives in mind. By having a strategic planning session, new ideas can be presented and considered part of its strategy and improvement.

How to Facilitate a Strategic Planning Session

When creating a strategic planning session agenda, it is necessary to cover the following questions:

  • What is the overall vision for this company? What will the company look like in the future? What is its strategic position?
  • What is the purpose of the company? What are the company’s values? What is the company’s strategy and uniqueness that makes it different from its competitors?
  • What are the company’s strategic priorities? Which goals need to receive the most focus? Which goals can wait for a later time?
  • What is the plan to achieve these goals and objectives?

It may be useful to conduct strategic planning workshop exercises to facilitate brainstorming and ideas. One thing that may help is a strategy session template.

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