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Daily Stand-Up Template

Connect with your agile team every day with three simple questions to maintain alignment and remove roadblocks. Use this daily stand-up agenda template to keep your team moving fast.

daily stand up meeting agenda template

Bring Your Team Together

Collaborate with your team in a shared workspace and save each day’s responses for later using Docket’s recurring meeting feature. When you need to refer back to that specific update from last month, trust to find the information you need.

Drive Alignment and Accountability

With your team on Docket, everyone will have daily visibility to what everyone else is working on. Avoid overlapping work, and identify potential bottlenecks before they slow your progress.

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Daily Stand-Up

Meeting duration

15 minutes


4-8 persons







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Daily Standup Agenda

A daily standup meeting is crucial to a project’s success. Some employees and managers may wonder why a daily standup meeting is important. Also called a “scrum meeting,” these meetings are intended to find problems quickly. With the daily standup, it’s important to keep it short and to the point to ensure everyone on the team is focused and on track. The daily team stand up meeting can point to possible problems that might block progress. By identifying what everyone is doing and what problems each person foresees, managers can reallocate resources to break through possible blocks and ensure people are working on the projects they need to work on.

Naturally, since these meetings are short, it’s important to have a daily scrum meeting checklist and a daily standup agenda. Using a daily stand up meeting template, managers and team leads can greatly facilitate the meeting because they provide what to say in stand up meeting. Managers may wonder what questions to ask in stand up meeting and how to run a daily standup. The questions should be short and to the point. The following are an example of the daily standup questions:

  • What did each person accomplish since the last daily standup?
  • What does each person plan to accomplish before the next daily standup?
  • What potential blocks exist that prevent each person from completing their tasks?

Free Template for Daily Stand-Ups

A daily touch point can allow a team to quickly connect and learn from one another about project status, roadblocks, and wins. These quick meetings offer a casual way for teams to solve problems and iterate quickly both in-person and remote. Keep track of your daily stand-up meetings with this customizable stand-up meeting agenda template.

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