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Customer Onboarding Call Template

When your new customer signs the contract, the clock starts ticking. Structure your customer onboarding call to lead your new client to their first success quickly. This free template can help ensure consistency and transparency.

customer onboarding call meeting agenda template

Set clear expectations at key transition points

Either you or the person you chose as the meeting leader should interact with the customer by keeping up the flow of discussion. Make sure you cover each topic on your agenda and encourage the client to offer their input. You want to avoid dead sections in the discussion where you’re frantically trying to come up with new questions or lose your train of thought. The more you keep talking, the more likely it is that the customer maintains an interest in the meeting.

Enable smooth transitions throughout onboarding

If you’re transitioning the customer over from the sales team to the customer service team, your meeting should include all relevant parties. Introduce the customer to the new team and go over the schedule agreed upon by the customer and essential target dates to hit. Pass on all relevant links and documents to the new team and schedule any additional calls or meetings as needed.

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Customer Onboarding Call

Meeting duration

30-60 minutes


3-6 persons







Related Templates

Client Relationship Meeting Agenda

When you first start working with a new client, your primary focus should be on forging a good relationship. For that reason, it can help to follow a client meeting document as you work on setting a client relationship meeting agenda. In addition, it’s important that you have a clear strategy in place to learn what you can about your customer and what makes them happy.

To start, the questions on your client relationship meeting agenda should include questions agreed upon by key members of your team. Try to include some open-ended questions that give clients room to go into detail and not limit their answers. You want to have a good understanding of their philosophy on various subjects so that you can become a more effective partner.

After initial talks, make sure you continue following up regularly with your clients. Include specific customer meeting points in your client check-in meeting agenda. If you’re using the Docket meeting platform to host your meeting, use the tools available beforehand to test the setup and make sure everything works as intended.

Customer Success Meeting Agenda

Having a customer success meeting agenda can help you when you’re onboarding a new client. Most new client meetings start with welcoming the new customer and introducing them to the people who will be helping them along. You want to show that you know how to run a customer success team and help them achieve their goals.

You should have someone present taking customer service meeting minutes. That allows you to have a record of all the topics covered during the session. In addition, having those minutes can give you a sense of how well you did in sticking to your customer success team meeting agenda and going over all relevant topics.

Other items on your meeting agenda might include conducting a walkthrough of a product or going over how to execute a new service. Discussions should cover issues like:

  • Getting everything set up for execution
  • Going over the execution details
  • Deciding who will be responsible for oversight
  • Going over product or service feature to emphasize
  • Recognizing the first success or win

At the end of the meeting, share your notes with the customer along with other relevant documentation. Try to add more detail and include any decisions made and agreed-upon next steps. In addition, provide information on who will be responsible for making sure those next steps get completed and the deadlines associated with each.

Those notes can become the basis for setting up a customer feedback meeting agenda. There, you can get a sense of how customers feel the partnership is working. It’s an opportunity to find out what’s working well and where you can make improvements to increase the client’s satisfaction.

Make sure you always bring up past successes during your feedback meetings. That gives customers a sense of the importance of the meetings in strengthening your relationship with them. In addition, it can show them that customer success meetings pay off with tangible results.

New Client Meeting Agenda Template

An initial meeting with a client can set the tone for the rest of your partnership. That’s why you must put time and effort into creating a first customer meeting agenda. Good preparation helps you avoid the temptation to “wing it” and end up leaving a bad impression.

Make sure there’s room in your meeting agenda for a new client for introductions. That gives customers the chance to learn more about the people with whom they will be working. Your first client meeting introduction should go over every team member’s title and the responsibilities they hold.

Outline your first client meeting questions to go over what the customer wants. From there, you can allot time to answer concerns they have and reassure them about your ability to handle their needs. Next, try to get a sense of where the client currently is and where they want to be within a specific timeframe. Finally, use that information as a basis to work out agendas for future meetings with the client.

As with other customer meetings, you should:

  • Have someone leading the discussion
  • Take notes on all conversations
  • Stick to the scheduled meeting time
  • Distribute meeting notes after the meeting

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