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Customer Hand-Off Template

With the sale complete, it’s time to make sure your new client is met with a smooth transition. This free customer hand-off template can ensure the sales to customer success hand-off process is consistent and satisfying.

customer hand off meeting agenda template

We're just getting started

Once the dotted line has been signed, the client-vendor relationship is just getting started. Your customer will be eager to jump in and start using your product or engaging with your service.

Put customer satisfaction first

Any blips in the experience during this period may affect the longevity of the relationship and the likelihood of repeat business, customer retention, or customer lifetime value.

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Customer Hand-Off

Recommended Duration

30-45 Minutes


2-4 persons + customer stakeholders







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A Free Sales to CS Hand-off Template

Build rapport. – Schedule onboarding immediately. Lower the customer’s time to success or their return on investment.

Ask questions. – Don’t necessarily repeat the sales discovery call, but ask similar questions to determine if anything for the customer has changed. Are their goals still the same? Is their process different?

Document everything. – Customer questions, answers, resources, hurdles and problems, where the customer was stuck, early successes and quick wins, etc. Include internal notes on key players including the purchaser, the key stakeholder, champions, and blockers.

Whether you’re getting to know a new customer or following up on past successes, it’s important that you follow a set agenda for your meetings. The Docket meeting workspace helps you organize meetings to make them more productive and less tedious. Our tools also assist you in following up on each meeting with customers to ensure each party gets the most from the partnership.

Customer Meeting Agenda

As you start working on your customer meeting agenda, do what you can to make it feel personable. For example, what is it that the customer wants to achieve by partnering with your organization? Your client meeting conversation should make that the central subject. Try to organize your topics to start with general issues before moving on to a more focused discussion.

Using a business meeting agenda sample can help you be more strategic as you outline your meeting. A meeting agenda example can help you think about the meaning behind the topics you select. In addition, you can better understand who needs to be present for the meeting so that essential personnel are present to provide answers to critical subject matters.

Try Not to Do Too Much

Think about how much time it will take to discuss each topic and budget your time accordingly. Try to plan each segment so that you end your meeting on time or even earlier. Sending out the topics that you have on your customer meeting agenda beforehand can speed up discussion. Once it’s complete, send the agenda out at least a few days ahead of time so that all invitees have time to research the questions and have their answers prepared.

Keep Things Interesting

Design your agenda topics in ways that encourage participation and action from everyone. Try to avoid too much generalization like “budget discussion.” Instead, try to focus the questions on specific areas like, “how much do we want to spend on X?” or “what should we do if we go too far over on Y?” Give meeting attendees a reason to stay engaged versus tuning out of the discussion.

Ask for Feedback on Relevant Topics

Getting input from others increases the chances that you work the right questions into your customer meeting agenda. Talk to your colleagues and other business stakeholders about what they feel should get covered during the meeting. Do the same for anyone who will be attending the meeting. That can help the meeting feel like more of a collective effort.

Pull together all the suggestions received from colleagues and attendees, then narrow the list down based on their importance and how they work with your chosen meeting strategy. Then, keep going until you have a final list of items that cover topics most likely to help you achieve your desired customer meeting outcome.

Customer Meetings

Once you set your meeting agenda, it’s time to focus on the execution. If it’s an introductory meeting, think about sending out a list of questions to get a sense of what they want to cover. That can help you introduce yourself to the customer and make any necessary adjustments to your meeting agenda.

Once you finalize your meeting agenda, share it with everyone you expect to attend. Customer meetings can happen in various settings, whether over the phone, video conferencing, or in person. Look for customer meeting agenda examples that help you set up meetings that work for the chosen setting.

The important thing is that you get the chance to interact directly with the customer and address all their concerns. There are customer meeting agenda examples that can guide you in arranging meeting agenda topics.

Stay on Track

Pick someone to act as meeting leader and assume responsibility for executing the agenda. They should understand what the meeting should cover and how to cover each agenda item effectively. You can decide to take that role on yourself or pick someone you feel would be effective in that position. That’s where it can help to rely on a client meeting agenda template. Both of you get the chance to come up with ideas on getting through each topic.

Do everything you can to make the most of the time you’ve scheduled for the client meeting. For example, you might want to use a timer to ensure that you don’t go over the allotted time for each segment. In addition, you can create separate sections for each topic where one part is about deliberating and the second about coming to a decision.

There are a lot of different approaches you can take when it comes to executing customer meetings. However, using a meeting workspace like Docket can make it easier for you to stick to your agenda and make your client meetings more productive and efficient.

Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!