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Customer Hand-Off Template

With the sale complete, it’s time to make sure your new client is met with a smooth transition. This free customer hand-off template can ensure the sales to customer success hand-off process is consistent and satisfying.

customer hand off meeting agenda template

We're just getting started

Once the dotted line has been signed, the client-vendor relationship is just getting started. Your customer will be eager to jump in and start using your product or engaging with your service.

Put customer satisfaction first

Any blips in the experience during this period may affect the longevity of the relationship and the likelihood of repeat business, customer retention, or customer lifetime value.

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Customer Hand-Off

Recommended Duration

30-45 Minutes


2-4 Persons + Customer Stakeholders







A Free Sales to CS Hand-off Template

Build rapport. – Schedule onboarding immediately. Lower the customer’s time to success or their return on investment.

Ask questions. – Don’t necessarily repeat the sales discovery call, but ask similar questions to determine if anything for the customer has changed. Are their goals still the same? Is their process different?

Document everything. – Customer questions, answers, resources, hurdles and problems, where the customer was stuck, early successes and quick wins, etc. Include internal notes on key players including the purchaser, the key stakeholder, champions, and blockers.

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