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Customer Check-In Template

It’s important to regularly talk to your customers to understand changes to their business and discuss how you can be of service. Docket’s free customer check-in agenda template can help to bridge the gap and build productive relationships.

customer check in meeting agenda template

How've things been? How can we help?

Whether through a meeting or call, a regular customer check-in is a part of broader customer success strategies. For companies that deal with long-term customer relationships, planned check-ins can greatly reduce the likelihood of churn and lead to expansion and referral opportunities.

Document updates for stakeholders

When checking-in on customers, everything is important. From the reports provided to the questions asked to the decisions made, you need a structured and secure way to document important notes and share them with the customer and your team.

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Customer Check-In

Recommended duration

30-45 minutes


2-4 persons







*Varies widely

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Check-In Meeting Template

One common meeting that might take place involving sales teams is called a customer check-in meeting. It is important to go into every customer check-in meeting with a defined agenda. For example, a check-in call agenda might look different than a customer check-in meeting template. When developing a customer call agenda, it might be a good idea to refer to a customer check-in call example. The same might be true when it comes to an in-person meeting. In this situation, referring to a customer check-in meeting sample is also prudent.

Regardless of the type of customer check-in meeting that is about to take place, the goal is to make sure that the goals of the meeting are clearly defined and that every member of the sales team has his or her defined responsibilities. It is also important to ensure that all milestones are aligned so that all deliverables can be completed on-time.

Start the customer check-in meeting with a few introductions and make sure that everyone is familiar with the people who are present. Then, provide a brief overview of the project. This should include the purpose, the goals, success will be measured, and the desired outcomes. Make sure the goals of the client are clear as well.

After this, leave some time for discussion. There should be a clear project leader, and any communication lines should also be addressed. Make sure that there is ample time for questions as well. Ideally, using a customer check-in meeting template, most of the major topics will be discussed. That way, there should not be a lot of questions at the end. Preparing a customer check-in meeting agenda will help everyone save time.

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