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Content Planning Meeting Template

Marketers need to develop educational and informative content for prospects and customers. This free content planning meeting agenda template can aid your team in coming up with the best content to tell your story.

content planning meeting agenda template

Keep track of decisions

Nothing is worse than starting in on a project and requiring clarification only to realize no one remembers the reason for a particular decision. Keeping your content planning agenda, notes, and resources in a centralized platform allows all fast-moving teams to recall not only the 'what', but also the 'why.'

Build consistency into your planning

Docket can give you the direction you need to keep the team on track. Templates are better ways to organize your thoughts and strategies because they ensure that nothing is missed. To improve upon marketing, you need to remain consistent — and the more consistent, the better.

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Content Planning Meeting

Meeting duration

60 minutes


4-12 persons




As necessary



Related Templates

Marketing Campaign Planning Template

A marketing campaign planning template will keep everyone in a marketing meeting on focus. Not only will they be able to develop out their marketing campaign strategy better, but they can ensure that they have discussed everything important. Teams can acquire a marketing campaign template online as a free download or designed custom for the organization. Every marketing campaign strategy will be unique, but through better campaign planning, the organization will be able to drill down to the processes that work.

Building a Better Marketing Campaign Planning Meeting

One of your first marketing campaign steps should be to organize your ideas about the meetings. You can use marketing campaign planning tools and marketing campaign examples to build out the meeting structure and figure out your next campaign planning steps. Your meetings are where your team goes to focus. Often, the campaign meetings will need to discuss:

  • What’s been done in the past (and discussed in past meetings).
  • How the numbers and the statistical analysis looks.
  • What the team needs to do, moving forward.
  • The actions that the team needs to take and individual responsibilities.
  • When the team will hold future meetings and what they will discuss.

Some of these steps are more complex than others. In particular, deciding the team’s next actions in terms of the marketing campaign will usually mean that the team needs to get creative.

Downloading a Marketing Campaign Template Free

The campaign planning process can begin with an integrated marketing campaign template. A marketing campaign template can be downloaded free online and give your team something to get started with, especially when engaging in the creative process. The marketing campaign template will usually include several features that are critical to the campaign, and that needs to be considered, including:

  • The branding of the organization.
  • How we can generate new leads.
  • How the leads are being qualified.
  • Whether leads are being appropriately engaged.
  • How cross-selling and up-selling are functioning within the organization.
  • If referrals are being effective or not.
  • How the team is being on-boarded and trained.

As the marketing campaign continues, these meetings may become more customized for internal purposes. But these core tenets are still going to be important; they are the hallmarks of any marketing campaign, and they are what will need to be discussed during marketing meetings. Companies will often be in different positions on their marketing journey, whether they’re just starting their marketing campaigns or are transitioning between marketing campaigns. The planning process will need to be tailored around the organization’s current and near-future needs.

Following the Marketing Planning Meeting Agenda

Apart from a marketing campaign template, there should be an agenda for the marketing planning meeting as well. These meeting agendas are designed to focus the team on what’s most important. An example of a marketing plan meeting agenda might include:

  • The most important metrics that need to be discussed. This could be something like customer acquisition or customer retention—broad marketing metrics that signify how well the team is doing regarding its current goals.
  • Wins — things the team has accomplished and who was responsible for them. Celebrating successes before digging into issues will invigorate the team. Further, it’s important to point out wins so that the team knows what is and isn’t working.
  • Any help that’s required to achieve better results. Team members may be going to need additional resources to achieve their goals. This is when those resources should be discussed and deployed.
  • An exploration of anything that has gone wrong. Once positives have been discussed, it’s important to run a post mortem on anything that went poorly. This will yield better insights into how things should operate in the future.
  • A discussion of what can be done better. Teams should collaborate on what they can do to make things better in the future; this is a brainstorming-like portion of the meeting, in which no thought is not valid.

During the marketing planning meeting, there should also be an open forum where everyone can address issues they feel need to be addressed.

A marketing campaign planning meeting agenda isn’t going to be useful unless it’s followed. But if you use meeting product agenda tools, it may be easier to get the results you want.

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