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Board Meeting Agenda Template

This board meeting agenda template can drive efficiency when you need it most. When the agenda is shared ahead of time, board members can arrive prepared to discuss important issues and make better decisions.

board meeting agenda template

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Use a free meeting agenda template from Docket to quickly build a shareable agenda for your next board meeting. Use the same agenda at every meeting for consistency.

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Board Meeting Agenda

Meeting duration

60-90 minutes


5-12 persons







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Running the Perfect Board Meeting

Running and recording a board meeting requires planning and preparation. Planning a board meeting agenda may seem daunting at first, especially if one hasn’t done so before. However, creating a board meeting agenda isn’t difficult if one has a board meeting agenda template. Many board meetings follow a similar format, so if the person organizing the board meeting needs ideas, they should look at a board meeting template and develop their own version for their company.

Free Board Meeting Minutes Template

When looking for a board meeting agenda sample, study the formal meeting agenda template one is considering. Does it have the necessary tasks the board members will want to cover in these minutes? Is it a staff meeting agenda template or a team meeting agenda template, and will it suffice for a board meeting template? Docket provides a free template for board meetings. Board meeting templates may include the following topics:

  • Recent Highlights and Summary
    • Team Announcements
    • Project/Product Updates
    • Challenges
  • Review Finances
    • Budget versus Actual
    • Expenditure Plan
  • Strategic Discussion
    • Review Goals
    • Metrics
    • Roadmap
  • Next Steps and Action Items
    • Assign Follow-Up Tasks
    • Decide Next Board Meeting

Agenda planners may decide that all or some of these items should be included in their board meetings. A business meeting agenda sample is a terrific way to gather ideas for a board meeting agenda.

Setting an Agenda for a Board Meeting

Having a board meeting without an agenda is like having a vehicle without a steering wheel. Without an agenda, the board meeting can quickly devolve into chaos, wasting everyone’s time. The good news is that setting an agenda is relatively easy. Once the meeting planner has a board of directors meeting agenda template, it is simple to set an agenda. The difficulty lies in just how long a board meeting should take. This should be delineated in each section and subsection of the agenda. When running the meeting, it will be important to stay on time in order for the meeting not to go over, and waste the attendees’ valuable time.

Having software that can keep track of time and alert attendees that it is time to move to the next topic will help keep the board meeting going smoothly. Then, if there needs to be further discussion, the action can be noted in the board meeting minutes for future follow-up.

Most companies announce their board meetings well ahead of time so the board of directors or other staff can plan to attend well in advance. The agenda should be sent to the attendees to be aware of what is being discussed and bring the appropriate material to the meeting. Docket offers a seamless way of communicating with attendees, plus a way of providing the necessary materials before they attend the meeting.

Be sure to start the meeting on time and end it on time. That requires excellent time management and being able to take control of the meeting by addressing the time issue. Letting everyone know that they have five minutes left on a subject is important. But, be certain that enough time is allotted to the subject to address it in the meeting adequately.

Board Meeting Minutes Examples

While the board meeting occurs, the person responsible for taking down the minutes will be busy entering the relevant information. Although a board meeting minutes template might be helpful, many board meeting planners use their agenda to organize the minutes. One can search for a free board meeting minutes template, but the following board meeting example might suffice.

Name of Organization

Board Meeting Minutes

Date, Time, Location

Board Members Present: <insert names>

Absent Board Members: <insert names>

Remote Board Members: <insert names>

Quorum? yes/no

Others Present: <insert names and titles>


  • 9:00 am — Meeting called to order by Chair <insert name>.
  • Approval of last board meeting minutes.
  • Recent Highlights and Summary
    • Team announcements by <insert name(s)>. <Insert new business and personnel announcements>
    • Product updates by <insert name(s)>. <Insert new product and project updates>
    • Challenges by <insert name(s)>. <Insert current challenges mentioned>
  • Review Finances
    • Budget versus Actual by <insert name(s)>. <Insert budget updates>
    • Expenditure Plan by <insert name(s)>. <Insert budget plans>
  • Strategic Discussion
    • Review Goals by <insert name(s)>. <Insert current goals and any changes>
    • Metrics by <insert name(s)>. <Insert the latest projections, accounting, and other metrics>
    • Roadmap by <insert name(s)>. <Insert the current plan to achieve goals>
  • Next Steps and Action Items
    • Assign Follow-Up Tasks — <Designate agreed upon assignees>
    • Decide Next Board Meeting — <Arranged with members>
  • Meeting Adjourned <time/date>
  • Minutes submitted by <insert name(s)>.

One can modify this board of directors meeting minutes template to suit their organization and needs. Planning a board meeting and developing an agenda may be daunting at first, but running a board meeting and taking meeting minutes is simple when one uses Docket.

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