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Backlog Refinement Template

With limited resources, your product and feature ideas can stack up in your backlog. It is the responsibility of the product team to keep the list of waiting projects up-to-date. Use this free backlog refinement template to make your meeting more productive.

backlog refinement meeting agenda template

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Refinement Meetings and Agenda

In the most creative teams, team members have likely made many good suggestions regarding the product or service. These typically go into a product backlog list that needs to be purged from time to time. Known as backlog refinement or product roadmap refinement, it is important to have a roadmap refinement meeting to decide which features are important and need to be kept on the refinement agenda and which need to be purged. The refinement meeting is crucial to define the product or service and what features are required. Some features may be difficult or impossible to implement given the time and resources; some features may be easy to implement, necessary, and within the requirements’ scope.

  • A product backlog example might be a particular feature that team members agree is nice to have, but the schedule dictates that the product be released by a certain date. Adding that feature would delay the product’s release, which the team and the customer don’t want. So, the feature gets put into a product backlog list that can be reconsidered later. Eventually, the plan must go through a product backlog refinement, which requires a backlog grooming checklist. This is where a product backlog refinement agenda for a backlog refinement meeting can help steer your meeting to make it the most productive. The backlog grooming meeting agenda should use the latest backlog refinement techniques. Using the latest backlog grooming best practices, whether Kanban backlog refinement or some other backlog grooming template, the team can determine whether to roll the feature into a later date or purge it. 

Find a free backlog refinement template here that will help your project teams make better decisions.

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