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Annual Performance Review Template

Provide structured feedback to develop employees and foster growth opportunities with an annual performance review template.

annual performance review

Provide Structured and Constistent Feedback

When using a template for annual performance reviews, questions and responses can be laid out clearly. This allows for feedback to be delivered and absorbed smoothly, which provides an environment for growth opportunities to be discovered and encouraged.

Hold Employees and Managers Accountable

This agenda ensures employees and managers are given the chance to provide helpful and encouraging feedback to one another and set a plan for two-way growth. When using an online annual performance review template like this one, you can save responses and refer back when you need them later.

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Annual Performance Review

Recommended duration

60-90 minutes


2 persons







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Free Annual Performance Review Template

One of the most common meetings that human resources departments might conduct involves a performance review. The goal of this performance review is to help management teams provide employees with constructive feedback consistently. That way, employees will be able to improve. On the other hand, it is also critical to make sure this meeting is conducted without bias. When conducting an employee performance review, it is a good idea to use an employee evaluation form, such as an employee performance review template.

When it comes to an annual performance review, it is a good idea to ask employees to review themselves first. Using an employee self-evaluation form template, companies will be able to ask employees to judge their own performance before the meeting starts. For example, companies might want to ask employees whether they have lived up to the organization’s standards. Companies should also ask employees but the chief mess they are most proud of this year. Of course, it is also a good idea for employees to think about where they have fallen short of the company’s expectations and their team members. It is also critical to ask all employees what they expect to get out of the evaluation process.

Then, the company needs to make sure they have specific questions that they answer regarding the employee’s performance. This is where a free employee evaluation form template can be helpful. When looking at an annual performance appraisal form sample, there are a few questions that companies might want to include. When looking at a free employee performance review template, managers might want to discuss what the employee did well and what the employee can do better. Using a strong template, managers will be able to expedite the meeting process and ensure that it stays on track. That way, the company, the management team, and the employee can get as much as possible out of this meeting. The goal of this meeting is to help employees improve in the future. By using a firm structure, managers can make sure this happens.

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