Online Platform for Productive Team Meetings - Docket

Better meeting management, Better teams

Team meetings with Docket run smoother with clear meeting objectives, collaborative meeting notes, and documented decisions for total alignment.


Set clear expectations and meeting objectives so your team can better prepare.
  • Quickly get to the meetings that require your attention and be prepared for your day and week ahead.
  • Define the topics that need to be discussed, set time limits, and prioritize them with other attendees, local or remote.
  • Link relevant documents and materials to agenda topics enabling easy access for your team.


Transparently collaborate throughout the meeting to ensure discussions generate progress.
  • Meeting Notes and Minutes
    Clearly and concisely record and organize all decisions and takeaways from your meeting in a collaborative workspace.
  • Recurring Meeting History
    View previous meeting notes within a current meeting to quickly review past decisions and action items.
  • In-Meeting Timer
    Make the most of a meeting session by displaying a subtle countdown timer to create instant awareness of meeting start time and helping guests stay on track during time-blocked agenda sections.


Save time after each meeting knowing your team is aligned and ready to tackle next steps.
  • Action Items
    Assign takeaways and next steps in real-time for each participant who can track them to completion in Docket.
  • Recap Distribution
    Share final meeting decisions and outcomes to ensure participants have a consistent understanding of the results of the meeting
  • Search Meeting History
    Find notes, minutes, or action items from previous Docket meetings whenever you need them.

Seamless Integrations

Docket works seamlessly with the tools you’re already using at work and in your meetings

Clearer communication and more productive teams

Create Clarity

71% of employees believe meetings are unproductive and inefficient

Maintain Focus

62% of employees believe meetings miss the opportunity to bring people closer

Ensure Alignment

Poor organization is cited as the most irritating cause of ineffective meetings

Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!