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Shared Notes

Have you ever been taking notes during a meeting but realized everyone could benefit from them? Do you have people on your team who aren’t the best note-takers? If any of these are true, you and your team can reap great benefits if you utilize shared notes. This is a way for everyone to stay on the same page and have a full understanding of what’s discussed in a meeting, including what needs to be executed later on.

Take notes together

Taking notes isn’t a strong suit for everyone. And when it comes to giving notes to another team member, many workers claim that they can’t share notes. This is due to technical problems, long to-do lists, and many more complications. Additionally, having multiple people give their input and edits on one single document has caused many frustrations for organizations worldwide. If numerous people have something to add to a document, many businesses struggle to make the necessary changes to create one cohesive file.

Can you share notes?

While you can always let your colleague borrow your notebook to see your notes, many people don’t realize that there are far easier ways to share notes; it’s even as simple as clicking a button! Whether you use a shared notes app or a share notes online platform, creating shareable notes is easy! Keep reading to learn tips on how to collaborate on notes, how to share notes, what to look for in the best-shared notes app, and more!

Notes Collaboration Tips

Let’s face it; taking notes together isn’t always an easy mountain to climb. With various note-taking styles, including how we all have different mindsets, making a cohesive note document with everyone can be difficult. Here are some tips on how to do this effectively:

Be Flexible

If you’re collaborating with your team regarding notes, you’ll want to have an open mind. Understand that everyone has a say in what the notes should be, so you should be a little flexible on what notes are taken.

Communicate Effectively

You’ll also want to ensure your voice is being heard during these note-taking meetings. If you have an opinion, be sure to tell the group and communicate your idea effectively.

Benefits of Shared Note-Taking

There are tons of advantages to developing notes as a group. Take a look at a couple of benefits regarding creating notes as a team:

Weight off the Shoulders

During business meetings, there is sometimes one person in charge of taking notes. However, this can put tons of weight on their shoulders. Besides, employees may get upset if they disagree with the notes that were taken. That being said, taking notes as a group can take all of the responsibility off of one person, leading to less stress and a better process overall.

Can Spark New Ideas

Have you ever had one idea, you tell someone, and then they add something that makes the idea even better? If you take notes as a group, the same can happen. Taking notes as a team can spark new ideas and lead to more successful projects and even higher sales!

Share notes online

We live in a time where technology is booming. It seems like a new app or platform rolls out every single day. So if you’re not really sure how to share notes between teammates, there is an app for that! With this influx of new note-taking software, more and more organizations are making the transfer from pad and paper to various digital formats.

Common Note-Taking Tactics

You’d be surprised at the wide variety of ways people take notes. Some even take them on napkins or loose paper they find around their desk. While that may work for some people, it can lead to many problems; from creating clutter to making it easier to misplace, these tactics aren’t the best note-taking approach.

Another common tactic involves taking notes on computer documents or email platforms. However, this can also lead to disorganization, misplacing notes, and a lot of confusion altogether. That being said, keeping notes in a single location allows for better organization and easier accessibility!

How to share notes

Is your process for notes collaboration not working? Finding it hard to get on the same page with everyone? While this can be difficult, some tactics can make sharing notes easier. These include:

Stop emailing docs that will change

If you want something changed on a document, you may email it over to your colleague for their revisions. And you may send this same document to multiple people. But when these people make changes, they’ll send you a document that looks different from others. Then, you’re left with all of these documents that you’ll have to combine somehow. That being said, it’s best never to share these docs with multiple people, and you should instead make one document that others can change and collaborate on in real-time.

Use real-time docs

We live in a world where it is very easy to use real-time docs that multiple people can change. And when edits are made, everyone can see these changes. This can save time, money, and tons of confusion. If your team is editing docs that aren’t in real-time, you may be duplicating work and possibly causing tons of chaos and disorganization. That being said, be sure to work with a real-time shared notepad, a shared notepad app, or a shared notes folder that populates changes instantly.

Notes collaboration

Has your team never had the opportunity to work together on notes? Not even sure where to start? Luckily, we’re here to help! Here are some tips and best practices regarding note collaboration:

Create separate sections on a shared document

One tactic for getting on the same page with everyone involves creating different sections. You’ll want to have one cohesive doc that everyone can see in real-time, but you’ll want to add additional sections where your team members can take their own notes. Then, after everyone has finished their note-taking process, everyone can review the notes and merge them into one single document.

Best shared notes app

Now you may be wondering what qualities to look for in a note-taking app. With so many options to choose from, all with various price points, finding the best option can be challenging to achieve. Take a look at what you should look for in a shareable notes app:

Easy to use

Since you’re looking to improve your team’s efficiency and make things easier for everyone, you’ll want to find an app that’s easy to use. With so many apps to choose from, many of them have a confusing interface and complex functions. To save time, energy, and loads of frustration, look for apps with a simple design, easy to use functionalities, and a responsive platform overall.

Focus on collaboration

If your goal is to take notes together, you’ll want to find an app with that as the focus. Given the wide variety of apps out there, many are only designed to be worked on by one person. However, many other options are more focused on sharing and collaborating. That being said, be sure to only search for those collaborative apps that focus on working together. And better yet, these apps may even have added features or functionalities that can make your job even more comfortable!

Works on all devices

Another quality to look for involves accessibility on multiple devices. While we all live hectic lives, we may not always take out our laptops or go on our cell phones. That being said, look for an app that works on all devices because you may never know when a remarkable idea pops in your head!

Easily Searchable

Today, the great shared note apps on the market can save notes instantly and store them with ease. Additionally, these apps allow the user to search for messages whenever they want quickly. Given how you may have dozens of note documents that you need to access often, you must be able to search for and find these files with ease.

Notes Notification Capabilities

Your shareable note-taking program should also be equipped with notification capabilities. Have you ever been waiting for someone to edit a document? Do you find yourself constantly refreshing your email inbox to see edits from a colleague? Instead of wasting time and playing the waiting game, using a note app that has notifications is a smarter choice. Today’s apps can notify you when changes are made, new documents are created, and even when you’re invited to collaborate on a project.

With note-taking apps of the past, there were many problems. From shared notes not working to shared notes not updating, these issues created many workplace complications. But with the advanced technology of today, there are tons of responsive, trusted, and dependable apps that make note collaboration easier than ever. Try one of them out today to take your business to new heights!

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