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Zoom Meetings Help You and Your Team Get Things Done

We’re all about improving meeting efficiency at Docket, which is why we have chosen to enable integration with Zoom video conferencing. This product fully integrates with our free video conferencing features as well as our agenda and note-taking features. With Zoom meetings, participants can use any device to start, collaborate, or join a meeting. Its ability to sync with calendars means that Zoom easily delivers exceptional quality video conferencing from either a mobile or desktop device. In addition to status update meetings for team members, many companies choose to use Zoom to conduct training sessions or company-wide meetings across multiple locations.

Companies new to Zoom meetings often compare Zoom vs. Skype and determine that Zoom offers a better value. Clients have the option to choose anything from a free basic membership to host up to 100 meeting participants to the enterprise option that allows for more than 1,000 participants plus numerous other features.

Getting Started with Zoom

The most common options when opening a Zoom account include choosing to download Zoom Meeting for windows, download Zoom Meeting for Mac, or select the Zoom app download for Mac or Zoom app download for pc (free). The Zoom free download for Windows 10 is also available for Mac. Once a user has downloaded the Zoom US app, he or she can either start or join a meeting without having to sign in.

Benefits of choosing to download Zoom meeting for Mac or download Zoom Meeting for Windows free include the ability to conduct group messaging, simple online meetings, or video conferencing in a single platform. The Zoom cloud meetings app download provides an excellent screen-sharing experience across multiple platforms.

Zoom Meeting download mobile options include Android, Blackberry, and iOS. Users who choose iOS or Android must have version 7.0 or later. All mobile versions allow users to integrate Siri to perform such functions as scheduling meetings, viewing today’s meetings, or starting a meeting.

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Zoom Basics

After establishing Zoom credentials and a Zoom login, the next question that people have is how to use Zoom. For example, how to log into Zoom and how to set up a Zoom Meeting for the future is a common query. The person wishing to host Zoom meeting in the future should enter their US Zoom login on for Windows or Mac and select Schedule. This will present a list of options such as topic, date, duration, and whether to include video or audio. For the latter option, the meeting host can establish separate parameters for himself or herself as well as participants.

The Zoom Meeting tutorial will also prompt whether to include the meeting on a public calendar. The person setting up the meeting must not forget to hit Schedule to ensure that the system saves all inputted information. This should provide enough information regarding how to start a Zoom Meeting as a host for people using the feature for the first time.

Zoom instructions for participants are equally important. They should start by selecting the Join a Meeting prompt from their desktop or mobile application. Zoom will then prompt meeting participants to enter a system-generated meeting number that the host should have provided with the invitation including the Zoom ID. Participants should also enter their display name and select whether they want to connect to video or audio.

Because Zoom Meeting is available on any device, participants can join a meeting via email, text message, or phone. For the email option, people invited to join the meeting will receive an email that asks them to click on a hyperlinked Zoom application or call in to join. Those using text to join the meeting will receive instant messages after first receiving an incoming message alert. The meeting participant must choose Accept to join the meeting. Finally, telephone participants should dial the phone number included with their invite and enter the meeting ID number into the telephone keypad.

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Zoom Tips

People outside of the United States may have questions regarding how to use Zoom app in their home country. It’s available in most countries except for Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and the Ukraine. Zoom UK is the largest provider outside of the US. Those outside of the US, include those using a Zoom UK number, can access the service using a PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS, SIP devices, or with a telephone dial-in. Zoom toll-free rates provide several free international dial-in numbers depending on the features of the Zoom billing plan selected.

Participants hosting a live seminar may want to know how to use Zoom, YouTube can help. To access this feature, the meeting organizer should select the More button from the drop-down menu and choose Live on YouTube. He or she should then select a title, privacy settings, and click the Go Live! Button to provide access to everyone invited. This will tell you how to start a Zoom meeting as a host or look for a Zoom tutorial pdf for further information. 

The above represent some high-level tips for making the most of Zoom Meeting. Docket welcomes additional technical questions or questions about our integration with Zoom Meeting at any time.

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