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Will Zoom’s Marketplace Emerge as the Next Key Ecosystem?

Virtual meetings and teleconferencing aren’t going anywhere. Zoom has become a lynchpin in the daily operations of most organizations, so it’s only natural for the workspace to get upgrades over time. One way to upgrade a workspace is to open up the possibility of integrating it with other workspaces by way of an app marketplace.

Many major players in the B2B software sector have an app marketplace where you can find extraordinarily useful additions and extensions to improve your user experience. Similar to Salesforce’s AppExchange and Slack’s App Directory, the Zoom App Marketplace has emerged as a key ecosystem in the working world.

Zoom’s Marketplace Is Poised to Change Meetings for the Better

There are over 1,500 apps in the Zoom App Marketplace that can work alongside Zoom’s features to make your work easier, more effective, and more productive. One such app is Docket, the winner of Zoom’s inaugural Marketplace App competition. Learn more about the details of this competition and Docket’s win from TechCrunch.

The Docket platform enables you to create meeting agendas in advance, take organized notes, record important decisions and outcomes, and send action items to individual team members after all is said and done. 

Organizational apps like Docket are only one small slice of what’s available in the App Marketplace. There are fun apps to boost team cohesiveness and creativity like the icebreaker app #AskAway, helpful whiteboard tools like Scribble Together, and seemingly endless apps to help increase team engagement, transcribe meetings, and so on. As long as remote meetings fill our calendars, there will be demand for ways to improve the meeting experience, and the Zoom App Marketplace is delivering.

How Docket Works With Zoom

The Docket integration with Zoom thoughtfully combines Docket’s functionality with the Zoom platform. Your Docket agenda and notes are visible in the Zoom chat, and the whole team can take collaborative notes while in the Zoom chat window that will be recorded and available at any time to anyone.

Combining the power of Zoom and Docket means less wasted time, more constructive conversations, clearer conclusions, and overall better meetings.

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