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Why We Started Docket

Every day, people spend millions of hours collectively in meetings. Ask anyone if they like going to meetings and the answer is more often than not “no.” However, they’ll also acknowledge meetings are critical to getting their work done. If a person could get their work done independently, meetings may not be needed. But the reality is that each person is a part of a bigger process that fits together so we all need to use meetings as a convergence of skills to solve problems and move work forward. 

In order to run meetings, each organization has a universe of people and tools that all need to come together but tend to be imperfect because each person works differently and each tool has a unique purpose. Marrying every aspect of a meeting consistently is an art that, no matter the best of meeting organizer, can be impacted by the slightest shift from a tardy attendee to an internet connection failure. 

Even in the simplest of meetings, where discussion is held and heads nod in agreement, there are repetitive themes that cause us heartache. Investment of time to prepare. Setting expectations with guests. Knowing if your audience is ready to work. Disparate tools and processes. Misalignment. Lack of actionable decisions and deadlines. 

However painful, we continue to schedule our meetings, do our best to show up, tolerate the repetitive discussions, and rely on our collective memories in hopes that all of the outcomes are being tracked.  But we return to our desks at the end of the day and look ahead with dread at the rest of the meetings for the week.

How do we make it work? We each use our own tools and skills to make it happen. We all have our favorite project management tool to keep track of our tasks (or are lucky enough to have someone track it for us!). We take notes in support of our own agenda or strategic focus and assume everyone else is doing the same. We save critical documents to share drives and personal files in the way that works according to our own organizational prowess. And we play the game of telephone when relaying what we heard in a meeting and expressing it to others. 

If you are reliving the day to day chaos in the truths above, then you will understand why we created Docket. Docket is a meeting intelligence platform designed to relieve the stress of meetings by reducing and eliminating the work it takes to prepare for and run meetings, enabling you to have more time to focus on the work itself. 

The Docket platform provides tools in a meeting-focused workspace to build and share agendas, take notes, create and assign tasks and deadlines, and share customized recaps that keep everyone organized and aligned. It provides shortcuts through templates, notifications, and meeting history as well as providing integrations to your preferred document storage, video conferencing, chat, project management, and customer relationship management tools so that everyone in the meeting can work as they do best while bringing all meeting-related processes into a single location. Docket enables you to reflect your brand through customized notifications for your external meetings. And much more…

Meetings should be an enjoyable space where work gets done. People should be prepared. Redundancy should be removed. Results should be memorialized. And everyone should be on the same page. Docket brings your meeting process and tools together so you and your team can get more done. Join us on this mission to make meetings awesome.

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Darin Brown

Darin is the CEO at Docket.

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Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!