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Rock Your Weekly Sales Meetings

How do you start a sales meeting? How do you conduct a good sales meeting? How can you make sure that your weekly sales meetings rock your sales staffs’ world?

The secret to motivating your sales staff lies in crafting a professional sales meeting agenda template that you can repeatedly use to reinforce winning motivational sales meetings ideas. Here is a rock-solid sales meeting agenda template that tells you where to start.

What should be included in a sales meeting agenda?

Metrics – 5 minutes

Money makes marketing meaningful. Your sales team should already know how their weekly goals for customer contact and new leads feed into your company’s plan for the bottom line. The weekly sales meeting template keeps everybody on the same page with those goals and their progress toward those goals.

In just five short minutes, you can answer two vital questions:

How is the team performing on paper? Where are we short?

Good numbers can be distracting. Bad numbers can be discouraging. Your job in these five minutes is to make sure everyone on your team knows where you collectively stand and not dwell on numbers at the expense of new ideas for more sales.

Quota Club – 5 minutes

Who is close to meeting their goal? Celebrate them!

It is always important to praise individual achievement. Suppose you can praise individual improvement in ways that don’t embarrass your team member, especially if input from the last team meeting is involved. In that case, the Quota Club session in your motivational sales meeting is the time to do it. Let your team know you value all their efforts, but the greatest rewards attach to the greatest productivity.

Announcements – 5 minutes

Motivation comes before information. Don’t start your meeting with announcements. Make sure your team is in a frame of mind to pay attention to them first. The two categories of important announcements include:

  • Company News
  • Process Updates

Did we roll out a new feature? Did marketing launch a new campaign? Does our sales operations team or revenue operations team have new processes we need to incorporate?

Personal announcements (births, deaths, birthdays, weddings, and so on) are important information for your team but don’t make them a part of your sales motivational meeting.

Education – 20 minutes

The logical follow-up for new information about products and processes is education. This is an excellent time to help your team make new professional connections by receiving essential information from guest speakers.

Or it’s a good time for you to do some well-considered coaching and training. Just remember that the Education time in your sales motivation meeting is all about:

  • Guest speaker (marketing, product, customer, etc.) and
  • Coaching/Training

This is an opportunity to educate the team on customer needs and use cases, or conduct sales training. Take a look at recent calls and discuss what went well and what could be improved.

Discussion – 10 minutes

Every team meeting needs input from the team. Giving your team advanced notice of the specific metrics and changes in product and process allows them to consider and hone their comments before making them to the group.

Encourage participation from team members. What did they learn? What are the key takeaways? How can you use this information this week?

Pipeline Review – 10 minutes

This is the “coming attractions” part of your weekly sales meeting agenda. Are there any big deals that need help? Who are we excited about? This is also an excellent time to note and summarize similarities of your favorite deals in the pipeline as feedback for your sales or product teams.

Rally – 5 minutes

End your meeting by sending off reps with motivation, encouragement, excitement, and energy!

How do you start a sales meeting?

OK, now you know how to plan the agenda for your sales meeting. But how do you break the ice to get the meeting started?

It’s fine to use fun sales meeting ideas in moderation before you get into an intense discussion. Display a cartoon. Run a Powerpoint of high achievers on the view screen in a loop before you kick off the meeting. Play a recording of a sales call with an unusual twist or challenge. Or just play a song that everyone knows, so people will realize it’s time to start the meeting when the song ends.

The best way to start a weekly sales meeting agenda is to keep your team on task for reaching goals all the time. Sure, you will want to send everyone the “memo” about your meeting agenda. But even better, maintain a daily reporting relationship by adding a progression of follow-up tasks to your project management software programs such as Asana,, or Trello. Use your project management platform to keep every member of your team, no matter where they work, primed to participate in your company’s success.

Daily reinforcement of your management objectives with a well-thought-out weekly sales meeting agenda keeps your team eager to learn more.

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Heather is VP of Product and Chief of Staff at Docket. She enjoys leading cross-functional teams to work together on vision, strategy, and implementing solutions that help people work and live better. When she isn’t helping rid the world of wasteful meetings with Docket, Heather likes to run, take violin lessons with her son, and spend time with her family.

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