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Warm Up Any Meeting With Funny Ice Breakers

When it’s cold outside, you start the engine and let it warm up before driving off. When you’re about to head off for the long run, you start first with some key warm-up stretches. Starting a meeting should be no different. When you lead a meeting, you need to both warm-up yourself to get yourself in the right place to lead and direct the meeting’s flow and you need to warm-up your audience to ensure they are in the right mood to listen and engage with the topics to be discussed. Funny ice breakers, group icebreaker questions, quick ice breakers and longer conversation icebreaker questions, are an ideal way to warm-up and get your audience ready for any kind of meeting.

Even Adults Need Some Help to Feel Welcome

When the topic of icebreaker games and fun icebreakers for meetings gets brought up, invariably there is some skepticism. Many people still have this preconceived notion that ice breaker games for meetings are silly and that this style of group warm-up is better done as ice breaker questions for kids, icebreaker games for youth, ice breaker questions for dating, and other types of icebreakers for kids. Our answer to that is that even adults need some help feeling welcome and engaging with their peers both new and old. So even if you only remember icebreaker games for kindergarten and icebreaker games for students, now is the time to change all that and start looking at the many engaging and fun icebreakers for adults. 

Different Types of Ice Breakers

So how do you choose the right ice breaker questions for small groups, the right icebreakers for large groups 100, or icebreakers for large groups 200? Well, let’s start with what constitutes an icebreaker. Icebreakers are any activity, game, or event, that is specifically done with the aim of welcoming attendees to a meeting or group and to warm up the conversation. Within this broad definition, you’ll see there are three more specific different types of ice breakers. They are as follows:

  1. Humorous ice breakers or fun ice breakers questions. These types of icebreakers are done for fun and are generally best used in situations where people are already somewhat familiar with each other, in other words, a good choice for icebreaker games for work. It’s also easy to do fun ice breakers without materials. This one is a lot of fun and you may even remember some getting to know you icebreakers for kindergarten or ice breaker questions for teachers you heard when you were back in school. Funny and quick ice breakers for students and adults are great for getting all ages to laugh and relax.
  2. Topic or meeting ice breaker questions. The second type of icebreaker is done specifically to introduce or act as a segue into the current meeting’s topic or format. While these types of team building icebreakers for meetings can still be funny and engaging, the ultimate goal is to get attendees prepared for the meeting agenda or topic. Personal topics would be considered somewhat inappropriate ice breaker questions in this area. Deep icebreaker questions would likewise be a poor choice when designing icebreakers for meetings & training seminars or icebreakers for large groups of professionals.
  3. Activity-based icebreakers. Where the aforementioned ice breaker revolves around questions and conversations, this type of ice breaker is specifically activity-based and generally that activity is chosen based on the topic or purpose of the meeting. Good leaders of this type of icebreaker will select an activity that allows attendees to explore new ideas and ways of doing things. While sometimes these might be quick ice breaker games, the best are more involved games for large groups of adults indoor. Group leaders can go online or work with a special platform for more help in creating the right large group games for youth and large group activities for adults. Outside help may be particularly helpful for organizing icebreaker games for large groups.

Why Funny Ice Breakers are Best

Whether you are looking to create icebreaker games for kids, icebreaker games for small groups, icebreaker games for youth, icebreaker games for college students, or icebreaker games for your work, always remember that keeping things light with a slight humorous air is best. This is especially true if you are getting people together for the first time. Humans naturally love to laugh, we want to meet other people who are happy and in good spirits. As such, using humorous name games for kids and funny and quick ice breakers questions for adults is the best way to get people to let their guard down and get them to engage.

Just remember to keep things on the fun and camaraderie side and not the poke-at-your-answers side. Icebreakers for youth church, youth group ice breaker questions, quick ice breaker games for youth, icebreaker questions for students, and other types of ice breaker questions for youth should be particularly sensitive at not delving too far into a student’s personal life. Put together a thoughtful list of icebreakers for large groups of college students as well as active icebreakers for youth and adults to be sure you have a meeting starter that is good for anyone.

Make sure to include time for ice breakers in your meetings. Use a meeting tool like Docket to include a space for them at the top of the agenda to ensure the meeting starts off right.

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