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Visualization for Meetings

Given that so many companies are remote or hybrid, ensuring visibility to notes and ideation tools during meetings is more important than ever. Every meeting participant should have the same access to notes, resources, and important visuals, regardless of where they’re joining from.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of virtual whiteboarding and other creative tools when improving the visualization of your team’s meetings.

Why Use a Digital Whiteboarding Tool?

In traditional meetings, teams might be used to in-room whiteboarding when sharing important text or graphics with meeting participants, but this doesn’t work when people are joining remotely. Even if the meeting leader has a dedicated camera pointed toward the whiteboard, it can still be unclear to the virtual participants. Additionally, those not in the room cannot participate in any way. 

Using online visualization tools ensures that every attendee stays engaged and involved in the meeting. This means that team members everywhere can more easily share their opinions and ideas, which should be the goal in every meeting!

Some Things to Consider When Choosing Visualization Tools

Another perk of using digital/online visualization tools is the variety that you have to choose from. There are tools out there for every industry, whether you need something specialized for graphic design, coding, marketing mock-ups, and the list goes on.

There are also many more opportunities to integrate digital visualization tools with your other apps and platforms. When using a physical set-up with whiteboards, Smart Boards, and cameras, there aren’t many options for documentation and record-keeping. On the contrary, online tools make it easy to track meeting activities and important decisions.

How Docket Can Help With Visualization

Docket is a meeting intelligence platform in every sense of the term. In addition to classical capabilities like built-in agendas, action items, and meeting minutes, Docket enables users to link their whiteboarding, design, or ideation tools to their meetings. 

This allows all participants to stay engaged while in a meeting, and it helps everyone on the team stay organized since they can refer back to essential notes and outcomes after all is said and done.

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