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Video Conferencing Equipment for Remote Meetings

With the current high demand for physical separation and telecommuting, the need for video conferencing hardware for business is higher than ever before. Yet what is the number one problem people reflect and refer to with remote meetings today? How long it takes to get the technical side of the meeting to work is probably the number one criticism. Whether it is the equipment, the constantly changing platforms, the lack of education on how to operate the system from the client perspective, or simply the connection, valuable meeting time is being lost daily because of remote meeting technical problems. So, no surprise, it’s essential to understand video conferencing equipment options to make remote meetings higher in quality.

Technical Considerations for Purchasing Equipment Video Conferencing

The first issue that should be on anyone’s list of equipment required for video conferencing is a solid communication connection. Exactly how will your organization’s remote meetings actually occur? Will they be regular video or cable and closed-circuit networks or will your set up take the more common and popular approach of an Internet-based connection? Regardless of the best video conferencing software available or if your equipment is listed as part of top 10 video conferencing equipment, this decision matters a lot because it literally dictates the service, equipment, software and hardware you will actually be implementing.

If on a closed-circuit line, your equipment will likely be a standard cable feed, and you will already need to have a network infrastructure lined out and installed specially to your video circuit feed and signal. Without this, your equipment choices will be worthless. If on an Internet-ready approach, your signal and communication like will run on an existing internet network your office or home probably already enjoys, but it needs to have the bandwidth to handle the extra data feed. If this is not already in place, your organization will need to upgrade its service to handle the extra load.

Bandwidth is a bit like the neck of a bottle – no matter how fancy the base and generation, everything has to go through the narrow spout. The narrower the bottleneck, the poorer your video conferencing performance will be without an upgrade. Keep in mind, your data feed includes a number of items from video, to text, to sound. All of these create a great amount of data packets that need to stream on a regular and consistent basis for video conferencing to work smoothly. Otherwise, the most tell-tale signs of lag or stuttering will occur frequently. At a minimum, your internet connection should be broadband and cable or a T1 line for premium performance delivery across your video conferencing equipment list PDF.

Top Rated Video Conferencing Equipment Options

Among the best video conferencing hardware 2019 or 2020 choices, some winners are easy to find.

You’ve probably seen a teleconference equipment unit that looks like a flat starfish on the meeting table. That is a trademark equipment design of Polycom video conferencing, a well-established high-quality provider of conference equipment. Everything from phones to cameras to integrated packages are provided by Polycom, all with high-performance capability and delivery. Screens up to 1080p and 70 inches in size are included, making them easily the best video conference monitor, and different camera options from full room surround to standard directional are possible.

Cisco provides the DX80 package with a combined 23-inch screen and camera, plenty of speed, high video resolution and integrated soft codec for what amounts to literally a plug and meet style installation. The integration makes Cisco a contender for best video conferencing codec. These are ideal packages to consider in a video conferencing hardware comparison for individual or small group meeting nodes that connect with others on a regular basis.

ezTalks Meet S package fits the need for the large meeting room remote group video conferencing demand, with the key camera and integration device sitting right on top of the main screen everyone looks at for interaction. Built-in HD video connections, a sensitive microphone, powerful speakers and software with a wi-fi connection makes this package one of the best setup for video conferencing for those who don’t want to deal with a lot of tech.

Logitech video conferencing equipment is another brand available, and they have a number of choices in cameras, screens and equipment. While not in the top three of best video conferencing equipment 2019 lists, this approach may work better for the budget-sensitive package as it won’t have the high quality of Cisco or Polycom but Logitech has proven to be consistently usable as the best video conferencing hardware for small business or best video conferencing equipment for small business.

How to Consider Which Hardware Options are Right for your Process

Don’t just jump right into video conferencing equipment for office needs without some research. One of the biggest ways companies and people spend far more than they need to is due to a lack of research. Instead, network and talk to contacts and friends about their experiences with various equipment. Find out the brands they use, the size of meetings they have, and the equipment performance they’ve experienced. What you will find is far more valuable for your own selection as you take tips from them about large and small group meeting video conferencing requirements checklist criteria and which best web conferencing equipment packages make more sense for the conditions and demands it was put under. This, in turn, will steer you to equipment packages that make your sense for your business than the “best in the industry” but poor for what you really need. 

Pairing your current meeting process using a tool like Docket with video conferencing equipment will provide you and your team with a cohesive meeting process that enables you to create a productive and aligned work environment. 

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