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Video Conference Options for Remote Meetings

With more people than ever working from home, it is important for businesses to make sure that teams are able to stay connected to one another even when they aren’t physically present. A phone call will only go so far, so it is critical for businesses to invest in reliable video conferencing solutions for online meetings. There are a few keys that every company needs to keep in mind when they are looking for a video conferencing option that is going to meet their needs.

The Importance of Video Conferencing

Even though the pace of technology has advanced quickly, there are still many companies that are relying on phone calls instead of video conferencing. On the other hand, trying out a free video-conferencing solution can provide companies with an effective test option that will quickly reveal its benefits. Even the best free conference call service or the best free conference call app is not going to be able to replicate some of the top video conferencing platforms out there. For this reason, it is important for businesses to think about some of the top platforms out there, such as Zoom vs. Skype vs. Webex, or finding options for free video conferencing no sign up to know what is best for you and your team. 

How To Take Your Team from Phone to Video 

When companies are thinking about making the switch from a free conference call to Zoom video conferencing or other free video conferencing software options, this can be a challenging transition. Therefore, there are a few tips that companies need to keep in mind. First, it is important to think about how the camera sharing process is going to work. When someone is carrying out a Zoom download or a GoToMeeting download, it is important to figure out how exactly that camera sharing is going to work. After all, this is an important part of how to use Zoom or how to set up a Zoom meeting. This will make the transition easier.

Next, it is critical for everyone to join the meeting with an agenda. Some video conference meeting software options might even provide the opportunity for those in attendance to display the agenda on the screen. This will make it easier for everyone to follow along, particularly since even the best free video conference app might still have a delay attached to it.

Finally, take the time to assess some of the free trial options out there. It might be possible to join Go To Meeting trial or find Go To Meeting subscriptions that will provide the business with a free video-conferencing website for a trial period. There are some businesses that might be wondering “is free conference call really free” and while businesses might have to pay for the software after a free video conference app trial period, the best free video conferencing apps are going to provide the company with an opportunity to try out the features before making them pay for the service.

Video Conferencing Options

For those looking for a free conference call download, it is a good idea to read through a few of the free conference call reviews, particularly for those looking for free conference call international options. The good news is that there are lots of options available; however, some of the top options include:


Zoom video conferencing provides an effective Zoom screen sharing option for those with a Zoom account. It is easy to set up a Zoom meeting download with a Zoom meeting login. Zoom inc. has set up a reliable way to download Zoom meeting for Windows using a Zoom ID. Furthermore, it is easy to review Zoom meeting logs to review the topics that were covered. Zoom vs. Skype reliability (particularly Zoom vs. Skype for business 2019) and Zoom vs. Skype vs. Facetime are popular comparisons; however, Zoom app download for PC remains one of the most popular options out there.

A great benefit of Zoom is it integrates with other meeting tools like Docket that enable you to create, collaborate, and share agendas, take notes, assign actions, and share recaps with meeting guests all blended with the convenience of Zoom video conferencing so you can take notes and see video at the same time. 


GoToMeeting organizer is another strong option for video conferencing. The GoToMeeting app, as well as the GoToMeeting Outlook plugin, are easy to use. GoToMeeting credentials are relatively straightforward and GoToMeeting support is helpful and reliable. Skype vs Zoom vs GoToMeeting comparisons are favorable and there are lots of new features with GoToMeeting that have made it a popular option for video conferencing services. It is easy to install and use across multiple teams.


Skype is one of the oldest video conferencing options; however, it is still one of the most reliable. Zoom vs. Skype, Reddit, and Skype for business vs. Zoom comparisons are still favorable. It is easy to set up a Skype account and it is also one of the most popular freeconferencecallHD services. Along with Zoom UK, Skype is one of the top business video conferencing options.


Cisco Webex meeting download is another popular choice for video conferencing. The Webex sign up process is easy, the Webex pricing models are fair, and the Webex download process is smooth. There is also a Webex free trial period where users can conduct a Webex test and see if the service is right for them. For those wondering “how to use Webex,” the Webex teams login is straightforward and customer service is readily available. As a result, Webex has gotten more popular throughout the industry.

The important thing is to evaluate your options and try them with your team to understand which services and options suit your process best to ensure smooth and productive remote meetings.

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