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Using Zoom Apps to Enhance your Team Meetings

A steady cadence of weekly team meetings over Zoom can start to feel less eventful. When team leaders provide opportunities for participation, however, these meetings become far more engaging. Zoom’s recent launch of Zoom Apps helps bring more excitement to video communications and add functionality that’s sure to inspire new levels of collaboration.

Recently made available in the Zoom desktop client, the Docket app for Zoom brings meeting topics and resources into a singular experience for greater productivity before, during, and after meetings.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can enhance your team meetings with the Docket app for Zoom.

Take Notes in Zoom

Zoom has solved many of the technical challenges to video communications with its low-barrier platform. Often sharing a meeting link and a passcode is all teams need to get started. Once in the meeting, however, teams may find themselves distracted and separated from their other systems of record and documentation tools.

Using the Docket app for Zoom, team members can now avoid the awkward juggle of moving between apps or rearranging windows during meetings and instead take notes directly in the Zoom meeting window. These notes are fully sharable so that everyone can save their own color or context for later.

Additionally, teams can set agenda topics beforehand, and even share resources like reports, memos, dashboards, and more. Asking team members to look over the agenda prior to the meeting can allow everyone to digest upcoming discussions and make meetings more productive. 

No screen share necessary

Many remote meetings require one person to share their screen and “drive” the meeting from their personal device. This image often takes a majority of the real estate of each team member’s screen and blocks out faces.

The ability to see facial reactions and body language is the primary reason video communications even exist. Otherwise, why not just have a phone call? When someone is sharing their screen, the information presented is front-and-center, but there is little opportunity for everyone to read others’ body language in the meeting.

With the Docket app for Zoom now a part of the same meeting window, teams can view each other’s faces to gauge reactions and receive real-time feedback. Ultimately, this helps clear up confusion, ensure everyone is on the same page, and get all questions answered.

Zoom Apps for Team Alignment

When the meeting is over, teams often struggle to translate meeting discussions and decisions into action. For a meeting to be truly effective, notes and resources should be saved and archived in a system of record. 

After the team has covered all topics, assigned tasks for follow-up, and documented all important decisions, teams can close their Zoom window and know that everything has been saved securely in Docket. If the meeting were recorded, that recording and transcription would be available alongside the other meeting artifacts as well.

Teams can build further alignment and transparency into their meeting process by quickly forwarding their meeting summary to their CRM, document storage solution like Google Docs or Dropbox, or to a stakeholder or leadership team.

Docket’s app for Zoom enhances team meetings at every stage and helps everyone make most of their calendars. To try it for yourself, sign up for free or find Docket in the Zoom App Marketplace.

Note: In some cases, you’ll need to ask your Zoom account administrator for help. You can verify who is the owner of your company’s Zoom account by checking your account profile page.

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