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Use an Agenda Template Word, Docket, and More for Any Type of Meeting

Productive and insightful meetings usually don’t happen by accident. When participants arrive prepared because a good agenda has been circulated, the entire meeting functions as it is intended and has a better chance of ending with effective action items. The best meeting agenda templates keep everyone on track according to the planned topics. But, a really effective meeting agenda needs to fit the type of meeting being held.

For example, a meeting template for a board meeting may have a very specific structure, while a casual meeting agenda template will allow for more open discussion and brainstorming. Whatever your needs, you will find meeting agenda sample PDFs that provide a basic agenda structure. For most businesses, a better option will be a purpose-built meeting agenda collaboration tool like Docket that allows the user to accomplish more:

  • Templates for different types of internal and external meetings
  • The addition of action item tracking
  • The ability to make notes and attach resources
  • Sending meeting agenda email samples
  • Allows for a simple meeting agenda to a formal meeting agenda template

Agendas for Any Type of Meeting

An agenda template Word file, agenda template Google docs, and Google sheets templates are easily shared across multiple devices and different operating systems. But, one meeting agenda template will not fit all needs for the different types of meetings within an organization. Sales, production, human resources, and financial divisions will have different types of meetings to fit the needs of their employees and corporate goals.

There are many different types of meeting agendas, including a first board meeting agenda that can make your meetings more efficient with everyone prepared and following a guided sequence of matters to be discussed and actionable items to be performed.

Simple and Informal Meetings

While informal meetings are less structured, you still want to maintain control of the meeting. Take the example of an agenda for a committee meeting. There will be input from different members who may report their progress and there may be many opinions concerning the best course of action. A simple meeting agenda template doc should allow plenty of time for discussions and decision-making. While a professional club or community project establishes a committee for good direction and leadership, these types of meetings can seem informal and are easy to go astray.

The purpose of a meeting agenda is to control the meeting flow and the topics of discussion for even simple or informal meetings that can easily veer off course and end up being non-productive.

Weekly Team Meetings

Your weekly team meetings are probably time-sensitive with the goal of covering previous actionable items and discussing new directions or production goals. You can prepare ahead by with a weekly team meeting agenda template or follow agenda examples for staff meetings which can be used each week to keep your meetings moving smoothly and efficiently. You can make these meetings more efficient by sending out a team meeting agenda template PowerPoint presentation and ask for feedback before the meeting occurs.

Your teams will know what to expect when a team meeting agenda template doc is sent out ahead of time. Employees are likely to give more feedback and you can expect more participation when everyone is prepared for the agenda topics.

Conference or Event Planning

A conference agenda template can be created with a list of predetermined entry items such as project status, guest speaker time slots, task assignments, and a window of time allowed for feedback. An editable conference agenda template is used to list your employees that are multi-tasking while managing deadlines. And for a successful event, everyone is expected to pay attention to details. A conference agenda template doc or an event agenda template word is a great way to list activities that must be performed and checking them off once they have been accomplished.

Since event and conferences will have a budget that must be maintained, you will want to make sure your meeting times are organized and productive. Consider a leadership meeting agenda template to keep the conference leader on point and on task.

Board meeting and Non-profits

If you need to know how to create an agenda for a board meeting, using a board meeting template is the best way to maximize the time spent with shareholders and demonstrate your efficiency as the meeting leader. When discussing a non-profits performance or discussing the direction of the company or organization, the recorded meeting discussion, the meeting minutes, and the meeting agenda may be legal documents that must be secured and stored for reference. Effective board meeting agendas can serve as corporate documentation in addition to guiding board meetings to a successful conclusion.

Consider Docket for free meeting agenda templates that are customizable for a variety of meetings or create your own corporate event agenda, nonprofit board meeting agenda template, a press conference agenda template, or a one day conference agenda template. Your meeting attendees will have the chance to pre-read the meeting agenda, share the agenda, and guests can even take notes within the same app. As a follow-up, the meeting leader can share a meeting minutes recap that keeps everyone informed of discussions and decisions.

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