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The Meeting That Didn’t Happen

Zoom meetings can be a lot to take in sometimes. If you have to join several remote calls back to back or sit through a several-hour meeting, you can quickly lose focus. While taking notes during meetings is a common practice, it’s often not enough. Not everyone will collect the same information, and important details may be left out or misunderstood. Sometimes meeting notes fall through the cracks, and for all intents and purposes, the meeting didn’t happen at all!

What’s the solution? Meeting transcriptions.

The Benefit of Transcriptions

Notes are often subjective, meaning they may be missing vital details and decisions. Since no one has a perfect memory, that information could be lost to the ether. One solution to this is having a Zoom recording for every call, but no one really wants to take extra time to re-watch a meeting from start to finish. The most beneficial tool for any online meeting is audio transcription software, as it ensures every outcome is permanently recorded.

Transcriptions are records of everything that’s said in a meeting, so there’s no uncertainty after the fact. Being able to save this information can significantly improve your work experience on Zoom. Automatic transcription software, like the one offered by Zoom — which is integrated with Docket — allows you to refer to a Zoom live transcription record well after your meeting has concluded. 

Never Question a Meeting Outcome Again

Zoom utilizes, which provides a complete transcript post-meeting. Since Docket integrates with Zoom and uploads the transcript link automatically, you can easily view each meeting transcript right from your Docket meeting notes. Another benefit of using meeting transcriptions is the Zoom closed captioning option, which assists those who are hard of hearing in following along with the meeting as it occurs. 

At the end of the day, transcripts save time and money and reduce unnecessary stress and busy work. They help prevent redundant meetings and repetitive back-and-forth messages between colleagues. Recording decisions and outcomes is also in the best interest of everyone involved. Having Zoom meeting transcriptions of these important conversations ensures that credit is given where it’s due and that action is taken when needed.


If your organization struggles with keeping thorough notes on meetings and you find yourselves forgetting important outcomes, you need a high-quality meeting transcription. Zoom’s integration with Docket allows you to locate meeting recordings and meeting transcriptions effortlessly, so you never have to rely only on memory again.

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