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The Best Zoom Apps for Project Management

Project leaders have so much to organize, from managing cross-functional teams and cultures to navigating requirement updates and budgets. Running project meetings from Zoom can add layers of complexity that get in the way of the information that needs to be communicated.

With Zoom’s launch of in-product apps, project managers can boost the efficiency of their project meetings like never before while simplifying the coordination process.

Here are just a few ways project meetings can benefit from Zoom Apps, like the Docket app for Zoom.

Zoom Meeting Tools for Project Organization

Many projects kick off with a full team meeting to present the overall vision, assign roles and responsibilities, and for project participants to ask questions for clarification about the end goals.

Before your kickoff meeting or prior to a weekly check-in, you and the team can collaborate on the meeting agenda document by adding your executive summary, presentation slide deck, inspiration board, client requirements, and more. When you ask the team to review these items before each meeting, they have the context necessary to ask more relevant questions and make the most of the meeting.

Shared Notepad for Zoom Meetings

From the Zoom window, everyone can view the document together and stay on the same page throughout the meeting. As the discussion takes place, participants can write down questions within the shared document so that they’re saved for later reference.

So often, a decision is made in a meeting that later needs to be revisited. The ability to return to the question and answer can help remind the client and the team of the what as well as the why.

Additionally, a shared meeting document can roll over from one update meeting to the next, saving time when individual contributors are asked what they’ve accomplished over the last few weeks. Things can start to run together–it’s best to have a record!

Zoom Integration for Project Management Tools

As the project meeting wraps up, project leaders can quickly save all meeting notes, discussion topics, important decisions, and attached resources to a single system of record. From Docket, project members can search by date or keyword to find important notes and context whenever necessary.

Docket also makes it easy to share these notes with a client or stakeholder. In addition, a meeting summary can be generated and forwarded to help keep everyone in the loop on the latest developments.

These in-product integrations are accessible directly from Zoom Meetings and the Zoom desktop client (Tip: Make sure you are on the latest version). To try the Docket app for Zoom, sign up for free or open the Zoom App Marketplace from within the Zoom window and add the Docket app for Zoom to “My Apps.” It’s free to use for all team sizes.
Note: In some cases, you’ll need to ask your Zoom account administrator for help. You can verify who is the owner of your company’s Zoom account by checking your account profile page.

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