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Supercharge your Sales Meetings with Zoom Apps

Zoom meetings with prospects and potential customers are strategic touchpoints along the buyer’s journey. The companies that make the sale are the ones who put great care into every interaction. The last thing a sales rep wants is to lose a deal because they wasted too much time juggling windows and not dedicating their attention to their subject in a Zoom meeting.

Thankfully, Zoom recently launched Zoom Apps, and sales teams can start to take advantage of Docket’s meeting intelligence platform within a single window.

Let’s take a closer look at how sales teams can supercharge their sales meetings with Zoom Apps.

Greater customer engagement

The most important part of any sale is the prospect! Teams that use Zoom for sales conversations risk missing out on important relationship-building opportunities due to technical limitations.

The Docket app for Zoom allows sales reps to view their script, questions, and talk track directly from the Zoom meeting window. As they guide the discussion, reps can focus on the prospect’s facial expressions and body language.

Non-verbal cues can help reps gauge reactions, identify potential areas of confusion, and elicit feedback in ways that may be missed when the focus is on a presentation during a screen share. Similarly, reps remain center-screen for their prospect, fostering a personal connection that can help build personal relationships quicker.

Zoom add on for consistent sales coaching

Great sales teams embrace a collaborative culture. When reps approach projects in a similar way, systematic tests of process and messaging can take place. Docket can help encourage consistency in sales calls via Zoom with its library of customizable agenda templates.

Teams can collaborate on talk tracks and master their question lists to develop the perfect agenda that can be automatically applied to any sales meeting. Even better, during and after the meeting, any and all notes and questions can be saved directly to that meeting document on the calendar or shared with the contact’s record in Salesforce or HubSpot for greater team transparency.

Boost customer satisfaction

When reps properly set expectations, meetings can run smoothly and the sales process can advance. One way teams can do this is by sharing resources like videos and one-sheets ahead of a call.

Having the Docket app for Zoom available during the meeting can provide a shared summary for both rep and prospect to add notes, write down questions, and assign follow-up tasks. It can also help document additional requests from outside parties to help keep the process moving along through closing.

Now available in the Zoom desktop client, the Docket app for Zoom brings the powerful meeting management platform to the Zoom meeting window to help you make the most of every sales meeting.

Try it for free by signing up for a free trial of Docket Pro or adding the Docket app for Zoom from the Zoom App Marketplace.
Note: In some cases, you’ll need to ask your Zoom account administrator for help. You can verify who is the owner of your company’s Zoom account by checking your account profile page.

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