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Slack at Work

The Slack app or (the Slack URL and not www slak) has become known as one of the most user-friendly and privacy-friendly collaboration tools for the modern workplace. Slack collaboration has proven to be a more effective way to get things done at work and Slack communities have even made the tool a great alternative to social media for some users in their free time. Users can even buy Slack stock if they want to add some technology to their portfolio. Here’s a closer look at how companies are using Slack technologies to make their workforces more streamlined and efficient.

A little Slack history

Slack Technologies launched in 2009 after being formed from the development of an online game. “Slack” stands for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge” and the cloud-based Slack app first became available for download in 2013. If you sign up for a Slack login, it requires a two-part authentication for privacy protection. The Slack free version stores a company’s or team’s first 10,000 instant messages and offers one-to-one video and voice calls. Paid versions offer many additional features and storage options. Slack had more than 10 million daily users by 2019, at the time of its Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Slack tools and how they promote collaboration

The Slack app landing page is very straightforward and will get you into Slack new registration so you can then view the Slack get account process. You’ve completed a create Slack account process and installed the Slack download on every team member’s computer, so what’s next? Once you open Slack you have a world of collaboration tools examples at your fingertips. The main feature of the Slack app is its direct messaging capability. Teams can be set up on private or public Slack workspaces within an organization. You can find Slack workspaces for any combination of reasons to collaborate. This allows real-time conversations via text or with voice and video calls, document sharing and a host of additional tools. Because Slack integrates with Google Drive, Docket, and dozens of other productivity apps, you can see how it quickly opens a wide range of possibilities. Keep in mind that Slack retains a searchable archive of every conversation you have with your work colleagues (so if you’re tempted to send out an “I hate Slack” message to anyone, it sticks around forever). 

How Does Slack Work?

Slack is pretty straightforward if you’ve ever used any other “freemium” software. Once a new employee completes a Slack free sign up from the Slack landing page, a Slack admin on each team can send them an invite to the various channels they need access to. Slack sign in with email is then immediately available. The user’s Slack dashboard then has access to all the necessary tools, including Slack group chat and slack list private channels (Slack channels examples could be “Marketing Group,” “Customer Issues,” or something fun or encouraging like “Inspirational Quotes.” Some also create funny slack channel names to help drive open conversation.) Group discussions and DM are then available, as well as voice and video calls, and all of the additional tools and features that the user needs.

Slack Office Tools for Better Meetings

You can set up a general company-wide channel in Slack that allows messages to be sent to everyone. Slack also allows you to set individual channels for different teams. This allows you to reduce meeting sizes and save time by only inviting necessary staff to certain meetings. Slack shared channels then allow teams to work together in real-time while being compartmentalized.

Public slack workspaces can be used for more water cooler-type discussions, while the private slack channel for a team is where the real work takes place unhindered. Another nice thing about meetings in slack is that because the platform is primarily text-based, the more domineering personality types that can eat up a lot of time in meetings are on equal footing with your quiet, creative types that you may not hear from as often.

Little known Slack secrets

Your slack user sign up will work at the office and you can also use many of the tools when you’re away from work. One thing you might not realize is that there are a lot of interesting Slack channels that you can find for use in your free time. These range from funny Slack channels to groups of like-minded professionals sharing personal insights or maintaining a Slack wiki, Slack app wiki, or team wiki. You can also find Slack productivity tips, Slack productivity statistics, and Slack entrepreneur communities among the many tools and teams that can help drive greater success as you implement and integrate Slack into your business process. A few more great tips to get you started:

Best Slack Communities 2018

#Launch is a great Slack channel for creative types who are interested in coding and web design or development. #People is a channel known for attracting team leaders, HR professionals, and managerial types. VC Club is a Slack channel for people interested in investing in new startups.

Best Slack Communities 2019

#Freelance is the place to be on Slack if you want to share your experiences working as a freelancer. #CodeNewbie is the channel for folks just getting started in programming.

Paid Slack Communities

In addition to free options, there are a number of essential Slack channels you can pay to join that are available once you have a Slack sign in. These include #Startup for people launching startup ventures, #CreativeTribes for marketing professionals, and Workfrom which is geared toward remote workers.


There are so many integrations available with Slack to help improve your team culture and work experience. Docket offers an easy integration that will take meeting agenda and recap notifications to Slack for those who prefer chat over email.

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