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Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma uses data-driven methodologies to eliminate defects rather than merely track them. It focuses on customer satisfaction and reducing waste. Lean certification helps project managers measure cycle time improvement and promote standardization and flow to increase a company’s competitive advantage. Daily stand-up meetings called scrums allow each department to report progress, request changes and stay up-to-date on project progress. 

Industries from automotive to healthcare send their employees to six sigma certification to improve performance and accountability. The Akron Children’s neurology team underwent a redesign that incorporated various levels of staff and patient families. The team used kaizen to focus on continuous improvement and conduct dynamic meetings, such as one held in a warehouse to brainstorm true-to-size plans for a new flooring layout. By creating a layout using lean certification processes, the team was able to reduce office sizes to optimize patient rooms. Six sigma training proves useful in a number of business success stories.

The Benefits of Being Six Sigma Certified

Achieving lean six sigma certification and implementing its methods into work processes and meetings using tools like Docket can have a tremendous impact on your company. Six Sigma certification makes you stand out in a crowd as someone with technical and professional acumen.

Here’s how to become six sigma certified:

  1. Find a reputable training program.
  2. Enroll in the appropriate courses.
  3. Take a written exam.
  4. Complete projects assigned.
  5. Start utilizing what you learned in your current role.

The certification often leads to better job opportunities and higher salaries. For instance, a lean black belt’s six sigma certification salary averages over $83,000.

Applying six sigma improvements pays off in the quality of goods and services and in individual productivity in various ways, including:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality control leads to improved products, which in turn improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers return for future purchases and refer your products to online connections.
  • Increase bottom line: When enough customers are buying your products regularly and generating referrals, your bottom line will increase rapidly.
  • Employee satisfaction: Quantifying results often starts out as an uphill battle. However, when teams realize that their efforts are being noticed and tracked, they develop a greater sense of ownership and accomplishment.
  • Partnerships: Better quality and improved efficiency are noticed by vendors and partners, making it easy to build trust and enhance partnerships.

To get started, generate a conversation with your supervisor on how to get lean six sigma certification for key project management staff.

Things to Know About Six Sigma Training and Certifications

What Is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma certification is a process that validates a candidate’s understanding of six sigma techniques. The belt classification starts at green belt for novices and goes to black belt for experts. These individuals should be peppered throughout the organization to ensure all team members embrace the system.

The lean six sigma certification cost for a Green Belt is between $288 to $438. You can obtain six sigma certification online if you’re committed to the process. If you prefer a more structured learning approach, try searching for “six sigma training near me” to get an idea of what your local options are. If you do pursue a digital format, make sure the school you choose has an accredited lean six sigma certification online program. Ultimately, the best six sigma certification is the one that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Accredited six sigma certification online is administered by reputable universities and organizations. For example, Purdue Fort Wayne six sigma courses are nationally recognized as one of the best online six sigma certification programs. Individuals who are paying the six sigma certification cost themselves may find lean six sigma training online is cheaper and allows students to study nights and weekends or whenever they can fit it into their schedule.

There are many universities offering six sigma certification online, such as Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, which hosts the IUPUI six sigma certification program. This program provides a convenient lean six sigma certification Indianapolis professionals can complete without taking time off work.

The six sigma training agenda for green belts includes in-depth understanding of the DMAIC model, which stands for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and placing controls around business processes. There are even ways to get 6 sigma training online free. Lean six sigma certification online cost varies depending on the level you’re going for and the school you choose. Plan anywhere from $100 to several hundred for a reputable course.

Some programs offer six sigma one day training modules to introduce the concepts to team members not directly involved in project management. There are also programs that cater to unique logistics and high-risk fields, such as the military. A Lean six sigma certification online military personnel take is very similar to other military methods that many veterans already take. Six sigma methods take months to deploy and are best-suited to long-term engagements.

In general, expect six sigma training cost to be higher for in person six sigma training and more affordable for lean six sigma training modules versus more comprehensive programs. Keep in mind that six sigma certification eligibility is dependent on passing a formal exam. The format of the exam is multiple choice and true or false questions and the green belt test may take up to four hours.

Six Sigma Certification Levels

There are four six sigma certification levels, including:

  • Yellow Belt: Six sigma yellow belt certification provides the most basic understanding and is useful as a primer for a six sigma green belt course. If you attend lean six sigma yellow belt training that may be sufficient and the more affordable lean six sigma yellow belt training cost leaves more room in your budget for a six sigma green belt course.
  • Green Belt: Six sigma green belt online training gives you access to an intermediate program that embraces the DMAIC process. You can even earn your six sigma green belt certification online. This is the most common level and is the most popular with corporations just implementing the six sigma certification system. Lean six sigma green belt training for your project management team is a cost-effective way to ramp up quickly.
  • Black Belt: Whether you attend six sigma black belt certification online or in person, this advanced program prepares you to lead teams and manage large-scale projects. Lean six sigma black belt classroom training is recommended as preparation for black belt or master black belt certifications. However, online 6 sigma black belt training is convenient for those juggling their certification with a job and family life.
  • Master Black Belt: This is the most prestigious certification and prepares you to teach others and become a six sigma master.

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