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Close More Deals with a Sales Meeting Follow Up

A sales meeting follow up is the easiest way to stay top-of-mind with your hard-earned prospects. That lead is very important and represents an excellent opportunity for sales reps to close a deal. Most sales reps talk about how they land sales meetings with prospects, but they forget that what happens after the meeting is just as important. 

Statistics tell the story; 48% of all sales reps never follow up a customer! In a perfect market, prospective customers would be knocking on a business door, begging to purchase their products. But the reality is that it happens rarely. Once a conversation takes place, it is imperative reps send follow up emails that close deals.

Summarizing the sales meeting

Booking sales meetings used to be easy a few years ago. But, the digital age has made it almost impossible for sales reps to get quality sales meeting appointments, and when they do, most get canceled. The main reasons sales reps cite for failed meeting appointments, and cancellations include,

  • The prospect telling them they are too busy
  • They are asked to send an email instead (which never gets answered)
  • Prospects saying they don’t need to be followed up because they know what to do.

However, even with the hardship sales reps go through to get sales meeting appointments, most don’t follow up on them. This not only affects the prospect’s experience but also denies the sales representative the opportunity to close the sale. One of the best ways sales representatives can ensure that the sales process is still active and yields fruits is to send the prospect an effective sales follow up summary of the meeting.

Email after sales meeting

Another method sales reps can use to follow up on their sales meetings is email. Sending effective sales follow up emails can help sales reps grab the attention of prospective customers and close deals. Here are key components of an effective sales meeting follow up email;

An attention-grabbing and irresistible email after sales meeting subject line

The purpose of an attention-grabbing post-sales meeting email subject line is to encourage prospects to open the email. That’s why it should speak directly to the prospect. Here are the characteristics of an attention-grabbing and irresistible sales meeting follow up subject line;

  • It should be short

Most prospects read their emails on mobile devices like Smartphones, so sales reps should keep their emails subject lines short and sweet. Eight words or fewer for a sales meeting follow up email subject line is ideal.

  • It should be real

A sales rep shouldn’t sound like they are trying to expedite a sale. It should communicate like a real human, just like writing an email to a friend.

  • It should be personal

When prospects see email after sales meeting subject lines that address them personally, they are more likely to open and read the emails.

  • It should be relevant

Sales reps should take the time to reflect on why prospects need their products and create a sales meeting email follow up that reflects those reasons. The subject line should also reflect the body of the email.

  • It should be genuine

A prospect should feel like the sales rep wants to help them by providing a product that addresses their needs.

A compelling body

The body of the sales meeting follow up email should;

  • Include the prospects name in the opening line
  • Exude enthusiasm
  • Be authoritative
  • Pick up where the sales rep left off
  • Show how the product can make the prospects life easier by addressing their needs and pain points
  • Include the sales rep’s contact information
  • Include a call-to-action or next steps they should take.
  • A thank you email after sales meeting with a client

Also, because visuals speak louder than text, sales reps should embed a high-resolution image of the product or a video highlighting the product and demonstrating how to use it in the email.

How to write a thank you email after sales meeting

A thank you email to prospective client after meeting aims to thank the prospect for the opportunity to meet or talk with a sales rep.

Why send a thank you email after a sales meeting?

Any trained sales rep must send a thank you message to prospects for accepting their sales meeting appointment. It shows politeness, and it’s a powerful way to cultivate communication and build a healthy relationship. A thank you message can drive a prospect to take the next step, which can be organizing another meeting or making a purchase. That’s why sales reps must know how to thank prospects properly.

Key components of a thank you email after a sales meeting

  • Name of the prospect
  • A proper greeting and written in a professional tone
  • An opening paragraph that grabs the attention of the prospect
  • It should be easy to read and free of jargon
  • Include reference points and reminders
  • Mention the next step in the call to action

Here are samples of a thank you email after a sales meeting

Sales meeting follow up can help sales reps to gauge the satisfaction of their prospects, keep their meeting top in mind, and collect information they missed in the meeting. All of this helps sales reps close more deals and get repeat customers. Repeat customers are the cornerstone of any business. Sales meeting follow-ups can help sales reps nail more repeat customers because the customers feel that they care about them and their needs.

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