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Options for Online Meeting Tools

The key to success when working for a remote team is using an online meeting tool. Web conferencing tools make it easier to bring a remote team together. Some online meeting tools also have collaboration and desktop sharing features, which further boost team productivity. Read this article to learn more about your options for online meeting tools.

The Benefits of Online Meetings

There are many advantages of online meetings for remote teams. The following will share how online meetings can improve how you work with your remote team.

Improved Communication

One of the main advantages of online meetings is improved communication. An online meetings tool can serve as a strong platform for communication for remote teams. Many online meetings make it possible to give presentations with screen or desktop sharing to a remote team. Online meetings tools can also allow for better planned agenda, notes, and task assignments.

Easy access

Another advantage of online meetings is easy access. Remote teams can meet without each member have to travel to a common location. If your team needs to meet with stakeholders, it’s probably not easy to get every stakeholder in the same room. This is particularly true if the stakeholders are working or living in different countries. Facilitating the physical presence of all the stakeholders could also entail high costs due to travel and hotel. The online meeting is the most accessible medium for these types of situations.


Yet another benefit of online meetings is saving time. Once you get the hang of an online meeting tool, setting up an online meeting will prove to be easy and simple. You can avoid time-consuming and costly business trips when one or more online meetings would suffice.

Communicate Better

There are several online meeting tools that enable chat for better communication. Some of the most popular examples include Zoom and GoToMeeting.


Zoom offers paid plans to businesses for professional features, such as cloud recording and user management. There is 24/7 live support if you ever have any questions or run into issues. Zoom is an excellent option if you want to enjoy a consistently smooth conferencing experience and a sophisticated interface.

You may be wondering how to use Zoom or whether there is a Zoom free account. Fortunately, you can make a free Zoom account and conduct a Zoom meeting to get a feel for the Zoom video conferencing tool. You will notice that there is a Zoom meeting login, Zoomin login, and Zoom ID for security reasons. Businesses can upgrade from the free video conferencing Zoom account to a paid account to enjoy professional features. Other features include the Zoom meeting logs and Zoom TV. If you want to try Zoom, there is a Zoom meeting download, a Zoom app download for PC, a Dell Zoom download, and a download Zoom meeting for Windows. Trying Zoom for yourself will help you decide where you stand when it comes to the Zoom vs. Skype debate.

Another great thing about using Zoom is that a meeting tool like Docket integrates with Zoom so you get the benefit of the Zoom video along with the ability to view the agenda and take notes at the same time. 

If you have team members in other countries, there is Zoom UK, Zoom Usoom, and Zoom RBS. Schools and universities can also use Zoom for remote meetings. For example, there is Zoom USC for University of Southern California students.


GoToMeeting is a web conferencing tool that allows for video conferencing, online meeting, and desktop sharing. There is also a GoToMeeting organizer. GoToMeeting is a dependable option if you want to facilitate communication for your remote team via the Internet in real time. There are several Go to Meeting subscriptions with different GotoMeeting pricing and you can even join Go to Meeting trial to determine whether the tool meets your needs. If you ever forget your GoToMeeting credentials, you can use the GoToMeeting support as a resource. Check out the GoToMeeting download or GoToMeeting app to see if this option is the right choice for you.


Connecting with others is important, which is why you should take the time to explore the best video conferencing options. An example is Webex, which is considered a leading enterprise solution among the many video conferencing options.

You can try Webex free with the Webex sign up to learn how to use Webex and whether the tool is right for your needs. There is a Webex download or Cisco Webex meetings download available on the Webex enterprise website. You should take the time to experiment with the Webex productivity tools and Webex teams login to determine whether the tool makes connecting with your remote team easier.

Google Hangouts Meet

One of the key features of online meeting tools is screen viewing or being able to share resources during meetings for visuals. Google Hangouts is an example of an online meeting tool that offers screen sharing.

Google Hangouts is a video chat tool that is lightweight and mobile-friendly. This tool allows for accessible and convenient remote meetings. The screen sharing feature allows you to either share your entire desktop or a single screen. This free video conferencing Google tool is a good choice if you want to get a feel for what online meeting tools have to offer. You can upgrade from this free video conferencing website to a paid online meeting tool when you’re ready to make the jump.

There are other free conference call app options besides Google conference call free. You can do research online to see your options when it comes to free conference call, freeconferencecallhd, best free conference call service, and free online meeting services. There are free conference call international options if your remote team is transnational. There are free conference call number and access code for additional security. Reading free conference call reviews will give you some insight into what are the best free video conferencing, free video conference app, free conference call download, free online meeting tools, and best free video conferencing app.

Capture and Conquer

Docket is an online meeting tool that enables users to create agendas,  take notes, assign actions to attending guests, and share recaps to ensure every team member is on the same page. Some of the many features of Docket include a meeting agenda builder, a meeting workspace, a task manager, an activity and history archive, a daily digest, and Integrations. You can sign up for a free account to learn more about Docket and try it out for yourself with your remote team. Whether you’re remote or in the office, you can count on Docket to help you get more done.

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