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More Meeting Mindfulness

Once the work-from-home model got widely introduced, it suddenly felt like everyone was in a meeting all day long. Now, almost three years later, the feeling remains the same, as more and more companies are switching to the hybrid workplace model, and so many employees continue to work remotely. 

Having said that, many people tend to complain about how much time we spend mindlessly staring at screens and being involved in meetings that “could have been an e-mail.” However, even though meetings can sometimes feel like a waste of time, or they might make us feel like we’re talking non-stop throughout the entire workday, they remain the best way to collaborate with others and to get work done.

So how can we find the balance between doing our jobs efficiently, attending all those Zoom meetings, and getting to know our colleagues? Let’s find out. 

Improve the Quality of Meetings in Three Easy Ways

Online meetings will not become less important in the coming years and will likely remain the best way for employees to collaborate. With that said, we can make them feel less like a burden in just three easy ways. 

In-Person Meetings

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to switch things up and meet with your colleagues in “real life.” Talk to each other and see whether you can find a day of the month when you all feel comfortable going to the office or to a co-working space and simply doing some of your meetings there. That way, you can establish even better communication while working on that team spirit. 

Camera-Off Meetings

Constantly being in meetings where the camera has to be on can make a person feel like they’re being shot for a reality TV show. That’s why doing some one-on-one talks without the camera can be much better. 

First, you’re allowing the person you’re communicating with to take a short walk or to pace around while going on with the conversation simply. For many people, that’s a massive bonus as they like to do something while being engaged in a conversation. Also, meetings with the cameras off allow shyer employees to speak from the heart honestly. For some, being watched while they talk can cause quite a lot of stress. 

Set an Agenda for Each Meeting

Sharing the agenda before the meeting will ensure that all members know what will be discussed and have had the opportunity to prepare beforehand. That makes the meeting much more effective, and the work that needs to be done typically gets finished faster. Also, when you start writing the agenda – if you see you can’t think of more than one or two points, that’s a sign to skip the meeting and simply write an e-mail. 

In Conclusion

We have to get used to the idea of online meetings all of the time. At the same time, we have to keep looking for ways to make this new workplace model better, and hopefully, our tips inspired you to make some needed changes in your team. 

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Sarah Jones

With an educational background in psychology, linguistics, and French studies, Sarah enjoys researching and writing about marketing, current events, positive global change, and holistic health. When not creating content, her time is spent outdoors with a book in hand.

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