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Improve Project Management With Better Meetings

While project managers tend to have excellent meeting organization skills, their organizations often do not. 

All project managers know that meetings are the lifeblood of successful project execution. While project managers tend to have excellent meeting organization skills, their organizations often do not.

Therefore, professionals in project management may struggle to get individuals in their organization interested in adopting better meeting habits. This is frustrating for everyone involved and can have a substantial negative impact on project progress over time.

Luckily, meeting workspace tools (like Docket!) offer various ways for project managers to “nudge” their organization to adopt some meeting best practices. With the help of Docket’s various organization and collaboration features, people from any department can change their meeting strategy for the better. Not everyone is a project manager, but they sure can benefit from some project management skills!

Why Is It So Important to Have Better Meetings?

First, what do we really mean by “better”? Better meetings mean clearer agendas, more collaborative organization, staying on schedule, and concise documentation of resolutions and important topics that were discussed.

Having better and more engaging meetings that stay true to a pre-planned agenda can change the inner workings of your organization, making project management tasks much simpler for everyone as a whole. Improving the quality of your organization’s meetings saves time and money, reduces Zoom fatigue, and ensures that both team members and important stakeholders are always up to date.

Starting the Meeting Transformation Journey

Small changes make all the difference, and Docket’s platform helps you and your organization take simple steps every day to improve the meeting experience for everyone. Many features in the Docket workspace were made specifically to reflect the most essential project management practices. The following are only two of the many ways that you can improve the quality of your meetings with this tool:

  • Plan your meetings ahead of time. Docket has numerous preparation tools that set you on the path towards a productive meeting. You can build comprehensive agendas for your meetings (alone or collaboratively), set timeframes for topics, take shared or private notes on talking points or important news, and more. When’s the last time you regretted planning ahead?
  • Share outcomes and plan the next steps. Stop sending follow-up emails after meetings! Document meeting outcomes automatically and assign specific follow-up notes to different team members so everyone is 100% in-the-know after every meeting. Organizing and recording key takeaways doesn’t have to involve frantically writing in a notebook or sifting through post-meeting Slack chats.

The Bottom Line

Using good project management practices shouldn’t be limited to project managers, especially when it comes to something like meetings, which have an organization-wide effect. With the tools offered by Docket, your project management success can hit a new high, helping your organization thrive and all of your team members feel a little less dread when they click a Zoom link.

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