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How To Run An Effective Executive Meeting

According to Digital Synopsis, about $37 billion is wasted on unproductive meetings. About 25 million meetings occur every day in the United States. However, executives believe that more than 67 percent of these meetings are a waste of time. Many employees in a number of industries view meetings as the bane of their existence. Conducting leadership meetings properly and running effective meetings can give you an edge against your competition. Read this article to learn more about how to run an effective executive meeting.

Running Executive Team and Staff Meetings

The key to running effective executive team and staff meetings is having an agenda. If you don’t have a clear agenda going in, the chances are high that the meeting will be a waste of time for everyone involved. Look up a business meeting agenda sample, an effective meeting agenda example, a formal meeting agenda template, quarterly meeting agenda template, or a leadership meeting agenda template online. Using a tool like Docket can simplify your agenda process from templates to sharing agendas with your meeting guests.

For staff meetings that occur on a regular basis, your agenda should consist of a few items that you want to touch upon. Send out the agenda to your team ahead of time, so that they know what the meeting will be about such as workplace meeting topics, preparation for a quarterly leadership meeting, or any other topic they should be ready to discuss or contribute to. Make sure that you send out the agenda at least 24 to 48 hours before the scheduled time. This will give your team adequate time to come up with ideas they want to discuss related to the topic at hand. If you find that conversation and contribution tends to be dry during your meetings when discussing things like HR meeting agenda topics,  a weekly management meeting agenda, or a regional operations meeting agenda, sending out the agenda beforehand may help alleviate this problem.

As soon as the meeting starts, you need to hit the ground running. Announce any important news, and then start talking about the topics on the agenda. Don’t spend more time than you need to talk about a subject. Focus on not wasting the time of your team members.

Don’t be afraid to cancel an executive team and staff meeting. For example, if most of the team won’t be at the weekly leadership meeting for whatever reason, you are better of canceling. If your staff meetings are normally 30 minutes long, don’t be afraid to cut the meeting short if there isn’t much to talk about. Be flexible and make an effort to accommodate your team.

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Running Effective Executive Operations Meetings

One of the main points of an executive operations meeting is to ensure the profitability of projects. Your executive operations meetings should emphasize the importance of expenses. During meetings, you should attempt to turn the topic toward expenses whenever possible.

Also, you should send out cost reports to the attendees of the meeting ahead of time. The cost reports will help provide context for the meeting. In fact, you should also print out a copy of the cost report for each of your team members. This will help facilitate the meeting, and it will be easier for the team members to reference a physical copy instead of looking at the document on their screen.

Chances are, not everyone will be able to make it to every executive operations meeting. Therefore, you should appoint someone to write up a synopsis of the meeting and send this out to the invited attendees. That way, people who didn’t attend the meeting will be on the same page. Also, people who attended the meeting can refer to the meeting notes. You may also want to hold a shorter version of the meeting for important team members who weren’t able to attend the meeting.

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Running Effective Leadership Meetings

It is essential that leadership meetings are as structured as possible. To guarantee this structure, you should have an agenda of explicitly defined objectives. Send out the agenda prior to the meeting, so that there is no confusion about what the meeting is about. The leadership meeting agenda should focus on only the most essential topics.

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