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How An International Meeting Planner Can Help You Prepare Global Teams

The meeting is over. Everyone showed up at the right time and date, and everyone knows exactly how to proceed on the big project.

Sound unlikely? It’s not. With an international meeting planner and the right meeting tool like Docket, highly effective meetings — even those involving global participants — are the new norm. Here’s why.

How an International Meeting Planner Can Simplify the Global Meeting Planning Process

Meetings that involve multiple team members are always a challenge, but International meetings pose additional obstacles such as time zone differences. What time is it? What’s the time and date of next week’s meeting? How do I access the company’s time zone converter? These are all questions that participants won’t have to ask when a world clock meeting planner is paired with an integrated tool like Docket. Docket syncs with a team’s calendar and with other software they may be using, such as Evernote, Slack or Zoom, to provide a seamless integration that’s as effective as it is painless.

And when it comes to measuring results, Docket makes life easier with its activity tracker that lets participants record and track their meeting progress in real time. Take detailed notes, record meeting minutes and organize decisions all on one shared workspace to expedite project completion. There’s no other international meeting planner available that can do what Docket does so efficiently.

Converting and Scheduling for International Meetings

Struggling with the challenge of how to plan a corporate meeting? Meetings that involve participants in different time zones are especially tricky to plan and execute, but with a meeting agenda tool like Docket, they become much easier. Using your calendar’s built-in time and date converter, Docket syncs with each participant’s calendar and displays events according to their personal time zone settings, so no more searching up the World Clock app, the world clock converter, or trying to estimate world time to decipher what time it is in London or Germany. When paired with your calendar’s meeting scheduler, Docket reminds each participant to join the meeting at the right time and date with the Docket Daily Digest. Have a Singapore meeting time? That’s no problem with Docket.

The Docket Daily Digest is built to help users plan their day, regardless of where they are in the world. Much better than a date and time calendar, users can see, at a glance, which meetings are on the day’s docket, who the participants are, and whether any tasks are required ahead of time. Docket’s Daily Digest runs every day and alerts users to recurring meetings, canceled meetings and more.

What about how to plan a successful meeting? Docket makes life easier for every workplace member who’s required to attend global meetings by taking the guesswork out of planning meeting objectives, scheduling, attendance and follow-through. Never again will anyone have to search up a time zone converter map or ask, “What time zone am I in?” to attend a meeting that was prepared using a meeting planner template from Docket.

Planning an International Meeting

If you’re a meeting planner, Docket will walk you through the necessary guidelines for planning a meeting, including having a clear, written agenda. Docket helps organizers build a collaborative agenda that’s easy to understand for everyone involved, regardless of where they’re located in the world.

And inside the Docket meeting workspace, participants will find the perfect meeting plan example that includes:

  • Meeting Title
  • Time and Date
  • Recurrence Indicator
  • Guest List
  • Video Conferencing Information
  • Linked Documents
  • Meeting Details
  • Countdown Timer

It’s the entire meeting planning process displayed for all participants to follow, no world clock dashboard required.

Additionally, the Docket Meeting Checklist displays across the top of every meeting to guide participants through from beginning to end. Each step of the meeting is planned out, from set goal to share recap, so users will always know why they’re attending and what needs to be accomplished. It makes understanding the steps in planning a meeting easy and painless.

With Docket, it’s easy to introduce timely topics, prioritize them in order of importance, and set time limits for discussion to keep things moving along. Docket eliminates the mystery involved in the meeting planning process and helps prevent the participant lag that often results from poor planning. Everyone on the team will have a clear list of meeting objectives, thanks to Docket’s free meeting planner app.

Global Meetings Industries Day

If you’re the meeting planner for your organization, Docket is a powerful asset and so is Global Meetings Industries Day (GMID) held annually in locations across the world. Spearheaded by the Meetings Mean Business Coalition, GMID emphasizes the importance of global meetings and their impact on international business.

Global Meetings Industry Day 2019 is behind us, including Global Meetings Industry Day 2019 Austin and Global Meetings Industry Day 2019 Las Vegas. But Global Meetings Industry Day 2020 takes place on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. To participate, organizations can register their event online here. Join in the celebration by planning a rally, an educational event, a speaking panel, a press conference, an award ceremony or more. Locations around the globe will be celebrating with you, whether you’re participating in Global Meetings Industry Day Austin or Global Meetings Industry Day New Orleans. Geography is no barrier when it comes to recognizing the infinite power of global conversation.

If you’re still struggling with the planning and execution of international meetings, put away your world time zone list, time conversion chart, time and date calculator, time zone chart, your time converter calculator and your old meeting scheduler. Save time and let Docket do the heavy lifting because other meeting planners can’t come close. Greater clarity, ease of participation, and more positive results will benefit your organization, and more concise, enjoyable meetings will please your team members. Give Docket a try today.

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