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Host Your Customer Meeting in Banks and Other Unique Locations

When it comes to conducting business these days, flexibility is key. It used to be only salespeople were meeting with clients at offsite locations, mostly at the client’s place of business or, if you knew how to talk to customers in sales roles, a restaurant for the “wine-and-dine” experience. Now, most industries are more flexible and can require a unique approach to host a client meeting conversation. When trying to find how to talk to clients and engage them in the best way possible, here are some advantages and disadvantages to hosting in unique locations.

Private Venue

When trying to find how to talk to customers face to face, a private venue is a great option. Private venues can range from ease of location to decor to price.

Advantage: Private venues can offer a positive ambiance and be equipped to seat a large number of people. For example, a customer service committee meeting format may require a large number of representatives from your customer to attend with subject matter experts from your company to match. 

Disadvantage: Many private venues today can be more focused on weddings and other celebratory events so make sure to confirm the atmosphere as well as capabilities such as video sharing, wifi, and seating can meet the needs of your meeting’s purpose and provide comfort for your customer.


Whether creating a meeting for a customer experience in financial services, automotive, medical, or some other industry, hotels offer a variety of options that can set the tone for your sales or customer service meeting agenda. 

Advantage: Hotels typically have multiple options for hosting meetings from small to large in size. They can also provide meal services during a meeting that can be served without causing major interruption to the agenda or while taking customer service meeting minutes that are critical to the success of the conversation.

Disadvantage: Hotels may require advanced notice or not be available during peak times so meetings should be scheduled in advance. In addition, if your guests cancel, you may still be stuck with a bill for the space.

Office Suite

When trying to find how to talk to customers face to face, an office suite is a great option. There are so many places to rent space for single events or for longer term office space. 

Advantage: Many office suites offer clean spaces with nice furniture and a variety of shared conference rooms to meet. If there are other companies sharing this space, this can make your own small business give the appearance of a larger establishment.

Disadvantage: Depending on the individual building,  the space may seem empty or sterile to a customer so check out the space in advance. When wanting to share a customer meeting agenda or presentation, make sure the office space provides the necessary equipment for presentation capabilities that are easy to use and support your demo, meeting, or customer visit agenda process.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a great way to meet one on one and ensure a lively backdrop when speaking at customer meeting sessions.  

Advantage: It is easy to offer your customer the perk of a nice cup of coffee while discussing business. Taking minutes of meeting, samples of great coffee, and even having access to snacks and other delights coffee shops have to offer can impress a customer and provide a memorable experience on your company’s tab.

Disadvantage: Coffee shops can be loud and potentially disruptive to the conversation at hand. Make sure your customer’s personality jives with this option.


Libraries tend to be found throughout communities and are typically thought to be a place to get a good book but many have rooms available to anyone and typically at no cost since they are a public resource.  

Advantage: An inexpensive way to host any meeting with very little noise or disruption. 

Disadvantage: If you had a sample conversation with customer A that says they enjoy adventure and action, the library may not be good for them. The atmosphere can tend to be dry and the only amenities are the ones you bring with you. 


If you are curious how this one got on the list, think about your most recent customer experience in banking or a recent digital banking customer experience. Banks tend to be warm and friendly from the moment one walks through the door. The customer service committee in banks is top of the line when it comes to ensuring a good experience for the customer. And in newly constructed banks today, many are including meeting space and even coffee services, evolving the customer experience in banking. However,  this experience is something anyone can take advantage of so a customer meeting in bank experience is actually a great option!

Advantage: Many a new bank, customer experience 2019 on offer a beautiful and warm atmosphere to meet and do business. When taking advantage at a bank, customer meeting agendas can be more informal, similarly to a coffee shop experience.

Disadvantage: At a bank, staff meeting meetings or minutes of customer service committee meeting in banks may not be the right atmosphere for such types of discussions. At a bank, customer service meetiing minutes can be taken uninterrupted however they can be quiet like libraries and lack liveliness and action that other locations may provide.


For many who lead meetings, knowing how to write minutes of a meeting examples can come natural but scheduling a meeting in a park may not! Odd choice to host a meeting? Maybe…however, some parks offer meeting room space that can be scenic and quiet for the serious event or have services such as tours and adventures in others.

Advantage: Parks can be a calm and beautiful location to help the customer disconnect and focus on the content at hand.

Disadvantage: Parks may not be fully equipped to support all technical hosting needs, nor offer luxuries such as food services for lengthier meetings. 


When distance is to great, schedules are too varied, or when all else fails, online meetings are a great way to host a session now that video conferencing tools are better than ever. 

Advantage: Quick, easy, and convenient for most everyone and easy to schedule at any time. 

Disadvantage: There can be distractions out of your control from video conferencing, internet connectivity, and other noise on the customer’s side.

So whether you choose to offer a cliff jump at parks, a cup of coffee at local shops, or host  customer service committee meeting in banks, there are a variety of options to choose from to accommodate your unique customer needs while getting business done. Make sure to use a tool like Docket to create and share professional, company-branded agendas and recaps to ensure your company image is visible and to create awareness and alignment to participants during all stages of your meeting.

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