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Going on a Meeting “Diet”: how many hours and dollars could your team save per week?

They say that too much of a good thing is bad for you, so too much of something that’s not usually considered “good” (like meetings) must undoubtedly have ill effects.

There’s no avoiding meetings, but is there a way to avoid having too many? They cut into prime working hours, cause Zoom fatigue and exhaustion, and affect the productivity of both individual team members and the organization they work for.

How Do Bad Meetings Really Affect Your Organization?

Zoom has solved many of the technical challenges to video communications with its low-barrier

Even though meetings are critical to the success of a business, they can also—ironically—prevent critical work from getting done. The two most important resources any organization can have are time and money, and a bad meeting strategy can have negative ramifications for both.

The solution is to slim down your meetings by making more effective agendas and keeping participants on track. Ask yourself: Does that recurring Wednesday afternoon meeting really have to be an hour long? Or could some next-level organization, collaboration, and tracking tools cut it down to a more manageable length? Docket was made specifically for organizations that know how essential their meetings are and are ready to start saving time and money by optimizing them.

How Much Time and Money Can You Save?

Imagine your organization has 50 people that collectively spend about 10 hours in meetings each week. As you’re just starting to use Docket’s meeting workspace tools in the first year, you can save an estimated quarter-hour per week per person – often more.

If your employees’ average salary (per hour) is $40 per hour, then you could be saving around $500 a week (around $25,000 a year) when you use Docket. Even after factoring the yearly cost of Docket into the equation ($9,600 in this scenario), you would come out with an ROI of about 160% due to the time (and thus, money) your organization saved.

Take a look at this example scenario’s financial summary graph below. Even at limited use, benefits are significant, and grow powerfully over time.

As your business grows and more of your employees become proficient at using all of the Docket features, so will your net benefits! In other words: as more time is saved and meetings become more effective, working conditions and productivity improve for everyone, leading to substantial savings.

Start Your Meeting Diet

It’s never a bad time to cut down on unhealthy things. Don’t let endless meetings leech away team members’ energy and company resources! If you’re interested in learning more about Docket for Business or want to understand what implementing Docket would look like for your organization, get in contact with us.

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