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Getting a Project Management Certification Online

In a world of ongoing career competition, it is valuable to find the certifications and educational opportunities to stay ahead. Project managers, in particular, can help revolutionize company processes and procedures if given the necessary tools and resources.

Online project management certifications lend authority to the position and provide significant training and networking opportunities that benefit both the project manager and the employer. Workflow, projects, and business, in general, become more effective when project managers can maximize resources like Docket, and pursue certifications that improve skills, confidence, and opportunities.

Project manager certification

Project management certification online is a great way to boost career opportunities and advance one’s knowledge and skills. The top certifications are received through the Project Management Institute (PMI), an organization that is recognized across the globe. According to a recent survey of online job boards, PMI’s project management certifications are still the most valued among employers.

Getting a management certification requires a combination of previous degree work, project management specific educational hours, and work experience. After the requirements are met, project managers sit for an exam through PMI in order to receive their certification. Online project management education allows managers to continue working while pursuing certification. There is free project management training as well as paid courses that assist with the extensive education requirement and provide an introduction to project management.

What is a CAPM certification?

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is PMI’s entry-level certification. CAPM certification benefits both project managers and other roles that work on project teams or integrate with project management. For those seeking more authority, further leadership opportunities within their position, or increased salaries, the CAPM certification is worth it. PMI even offers a Project Management Basics course which fulfills the prerequisites for sitting the exam. The benefits of CAPM certification are many, including CAPM certification salary increases and improved career opportunities.

CAPM training and tips

Apart from the PMI basic training course, it is important to review the best online project management certificate programs. CAPM certification training is available online through many different platforms such as Simplilearn and PMPrepcast. Part of finding the best project management training is ensuring that the program is a PMI registered education provider. The CAPM certification cost is $300 for non-PMI members, so gaining the best training and resources prevents exam retakes and excess expense. The CAPM handbook explains every element of the CAPM certification process, including recertification, best practices for exam prep, and what to expect in the certification exam.

What is a PMP certification?

Employers value the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification above any other certification available. Project managers with a PMP certification report receiving a 20% higher salary on average than those without the training. Not only that, but PMP-certified managers have the skills to more effectively finish projects on time and on budget, lead teams, and manage meetings. PMP certification requirements are much more extensive than CAPM requirements. Managers are expected to complete 7500 hours of project leadership experience as well as 35 hours of education. Managers with a four-year degree are only required to complete 4500 hours of project management work experience. Online project management degrees are available for those who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree. For managers who already have a bachelor’s in another field, online courses such as the project management academy provide the necessary educational hours for the PMP certification. Somewhat similarly, the Professional in Project Manager PPM certificate helps an individual with a more practical application of the PMP certification with how to guidance.  

PMP training and tips

The PMP certification cost is around $555 for non-members or $405 for PMI members. The PMP handbook also offers helpful information about the exam, the requirements, and best practices for moving forward with a project management certification training and PMP certification online. Much of the free project management training offers project management courses for beginners and are a great place to start learning the basics of project management. On platforms such as Udemy and Coursera, project management and exam prep courses also help provide a foundation for basic project management training, PMP courses, and PMP certification training. The best project management certification training is the one that fits the schedule and needs of the manager. Each course, whether a manager is pursuing PMP certification Boston or PMP certification Seattle, is designed to provide the global perspective necessary for project management professionals. PMP certifications are recognized around the world in every industry, and receiving the best training possible is key to being a successful PMP.

Which acronym is best for me?

From master’s in project management to CAPM, choosing the right certification can be difficult. When reviewing CAPM vs PMP, it is helpful to consider career goals, current experience, and education. For those who are not as familiar with project management or who seek to pursue a career in project management, getting the CAPM certification is a great place to start. As an entry-level certification, the CAPM can be a launching pad for further certifications and training. Those who are already working project management, have project management degrees or wish to advance their careers, either pursuing the masters in project management schools or the PMP certificate adds authority and value to their current experience. Of course, PMI isn’t the only organization offering valuable certifications. While PMI is the most widely recognized, organizations like the Global Association of Quality Management also offer unique certifications such as the Professional in Project Management (PPM) certification. Each unique certification is a valuable asset to the project management repertoire. Regardless of which one is pursued, project management certifications improve skills, increase salaries, and train project managers to finish projects, manage people, and maximize every meeting they lead.

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