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Funniest Work Memes Ever

Creating a happy workplace and productive meeting environment is a great way to help boost productivity and ensure the well-being of employees. With the pressure and stress that characterize the modern workplace, sharing funny work memes can help put a smile on people’s faces. However, it is important to make sure that the funny work-related memes will not offend anyone. This means going through a list of memes like the best funny work memes 2018 and choosing the most suitable among them. Here are 16 of the funniest work memes ever to help get you started in bringing the hilarious work memes to your peers on real-life work challenges that can help alleviate stress and tension while bringing everyone together in a humorous, comment thread.

Showing the New Employee Around 

This funny work meme is relatable and is one of the best funny work memes clean and simple. While this makes for one of the best funny memes clean to share, it also shows that everyone goes through some pressure at the workplace and can lighten the mood when bringing a new employee onto the team. 

When Your Boss Comes Around The Corner

As one of the clean memes 2018, this one can light up the office. Everyone can relate to trying to call it quits early, especially when the boss isn’t around. There are plenty of funny memes to show how employees try to take advantage when they think the boss is away.  

Long Meetings

We’ve all been there in that meeting that takes too long because someone in the room likes to talk or impress others with their thoughts or questions. This meme makes for one of the best funny clean memes 2018 since everyone can relate to it and it does not contain offensive content. 

That Meeting That Should Have Been an Email

Pointless meetings are constantly rated the biggest timesuck in organizations around the world. Meetings that should have been an email are most often presentations or walkthroughs that could just as easily have been recorded and shared asynchronously.

Of course, there are a number of ways to get your boss to stop scheduling inefficient meetings. Sending an agenda with reports and deck attachments ahead of time can allow everyone in the meeting to read up before having a helpful discussion or Q&A. Docket helps to eliminate some of those meetings that should have been an email. Try it out for free.

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Long Work Days 

You do the math…but the text in this meme is what makes it one of the funny memes about work stress. The work stress meme can help recognize employee efforts and the long days that employees put in. 

When Co-Workers Leave The Office Before You

Memes that depict funny pictures work stress or funny stressed out pictures and identify real employee concerns can have a positive effect when shared in a staff meeting. Some memes have a creative way of introducing humor to help put a smile on the face of a stressed colleague.


The best boss memes can strengthen the relationship between managers and employees. This awesome boss meme bears the image of a man trying to get his car out of the snow after a storm illuding to the fact the boss is expecting the impossible. While this one is funny and light, it is important to avoid horrible boss memes at the workplace so as to not hurt or offend anyone. 

Last-Minute Work Requests

This can be one of the best boss memes if it comes from a manager to subordinates. This great boss meme and others can show that the boss understands their employees look forward to and appreciate steady work and respect of their time. Good boss memes are relatable from both the employee and the employer. 

Too Much Work

This work meme boss can be used by a manager to encourage employees to attend to work that is pending. Instead of a supervisor having to strongly say they need the team to pick up the pace, a little humor from this meme can say it for them with a softer and funny tone. Everyone has to distinguish a good boss vs bad boss meme to ensure no one is hurt when shared with the team. 

Tough Job

The words in this meme speak for themselves. This is one of the most hilarious work memes, showing the blues employees experience when they report to work. Sharing such work related memes will show that everyone goes through tough moments.


Some sarcastic work memes also have an element of humor in them.  Like a funny Friday quote or fun icebreakers, providing suggestions for how to solve work challenges that are extremely unprofessional or unrealistic can exaggerate the solution and bring a smile to those on the team. 


There are numerous happy Friday meme images on the internet. One Friday morning meme shows a man literally flying out of the office door on a Friday evening. This it’s Friday meme funny or not, can help give colleagues the motivation they need to finish the week on a high note. Workers can look for funny Friday memes 18 online and share funny Friday memes, while avoiding rude Friday memes that can offend colleagues. 

Emotions of Each Work Day

Each day of work can bring on a flood of emotions for employees based on their role, process, and other factors which is why we have designations like for Wednesday being “hump day.” But Fridays are a signal that the weekend is here. Funny work memes Friday help employees enjoy the day. A good Friday work meme can depict anything from exhaustion due to work and to exhilaration caused by the week being over.

Doing As Little As Possible

Work memes Tuesday show can show colleagues that they have made it through Monday and can handle the rest of the week. Such a happy Tuesday meme can help keep people motivated in the office. This meme is a great example of one that can be used as a happy Tuesday meme, funny to many. 

Being Tardy

This meme can also be a great Tuesday meme positive to make light of being late to the office. The meme encourages workers to get to work early and do their best while in the office.

Returning to Work After Extended Time Off

Using an “it’s only Tuesday” meme can help bring humor to the sadness some people have to returning to work after an extended weekend. This type of meme is great to show after a long, holiday weekend, vacation, or sabbatical. 

More Tuesday Fun

This Tuesday meme cute shows that everyone loves the weekend and can be followed by a Tuesday motivation meme to encourage colleagues to keep working hard.

There are plenty of memes that can help boost productivity at work. Get the most out of your team productivity and Docket meetings by sharing light-hearted sentiment through work memes.

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