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From Actors to Astronauts – Zoomtopia Video Conferencing Takeaways

Last week, Docket participated in the 3rd Zoomtopia, the Zoom video conferencing conference. It was an amazing event, space-themed and filled with a ton of content, tools and tips, swag, announcements, and celebrities. From the Hubble Hall super sessions to the Universe exhibition hall, Zoom shared a great cast of partners, products, and people and provided a memorable and energizing event to inspire anyone looking to improve their workplace and workflow. 

Docket had the honor of an invitation to participate and share in a room-filled session for “The Best and Most Surprising Marketplace Apps” and help demonstrate how Docket helps to enable customers to have more effective meeting strategies along with video conferencing and other integrations. 

Here are a few takeaways that we hope you will find as helpful as we did to further inspire how we work together and run our meetings.

Virgin Notetaking

The entrepreneur and legend, Sir Richard Branson, shared that, “notetaking has been a big part of building the Virgin brand and empire.” While he is known globally for his entrepreneurial prowess and generosity, it was a great insight to understand during the final keynote that his amazing portfolio of companies relies on notetaking for their day to day business. He Zoomed into the session, shared a glimpse of his brand new Under Armour spacesuit, and gave us a glimpse into the history of how the Virgin family came to be from hard work to notetaking!

Team Theme

A recurring theme throughout the event was the importance of connectivity and teamwork. All products and tools showcased during sessions and on the Universe exhibit floor emphasized their capabilities were in support of teams and removing friction.  In order to do that, there is even more of a need for tools that measure these friction points and serve up insights, recommendations, and provide automation for helping teams work faster and better. 

Even Spock Has Meetings

Guest speaker, Zachary Quinto, did not just play the Master of Ceremonies or paid celebrity. He was there as a spokesperson and advocate to share how Zoom video conferencing plays a big role in his day to day meetings. In addition to his star acting roles, he runs a production company and participates in various other engagements that require him to be in…meetings! He shared how he was introduced to Zoom video conferencing and uses it as his choice of technology to conduct meetings from anything to sharing pitches for new production ideas to script reviews, giving him the ability to share and show content while making a direct connection with other meeting guests. 

Docket and Zachary Quinto at Zoomtopia 2019

Integrations = Products Working Together

While many conferences have vendor participation that is focused on their app only, each product or service showcased at Zoomtopia shared how they work together with Zoom and other products. This reality is promising for those seeking greater flexibility so they can run their businesses as they desire, with the tools they choose and can afford, with increasing capability within their custom process and workflows. While we expect our teams to work together, we also expect our apps to work together as well!

Show Your Face

The globalization of companies has become even more widespread to not only support business needs but also to find and accommodate the best talent. Given how technology continues to improve in video,  recording, and transcription, there seems less hesitation for most companies to support team expansion across the globe. However, it was a recurring theme in many presentations that it is a must to share your video whenever possible to bring human interaction to the forefront of each meeting as visual cues are invaluable to a  productive meeting.

Making Mistakes and Gratitude

Mike Massimino, astronaut and Hubble space telescope fixer-upper, shared a phenomenal look at his efforts to be selected for NASA’s program to his time in space. But aside from his amazing achievements through speech, pictures, and video thundering the hall, it was his advice he shared that lingered the most. A quick summary of his stories come to these inspiring conclusions:

On teamwork –  The strongest should help the weakest. The team isn’t successful unless everyone makes it out. 

On working with others – Learn how to care for everyone on your team. Don’t look at someone you don’t like rather, think about them as someone you don’t know.

On making mistakes – Give yourself 30 seconds of regret and move on because your team needs you.

On gratitude – Appreciate you are sitting where you are and are the most fortunate to be there. 

And speaking of gratitude, we are grateful to Zoom for being such amazing hosts and for creating an atmosphere of collaboration and integration throughout this inspiring event. If you are looking for a way to integrate your meeting tools with Zoom, read more here on Docket + Zoom integrations.

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Heather is VP of Product and Chief of Staff at Docket. She enjoys leading cross-functional teams to work together on vision, strategy, and implementing solutions that help people work and live better. When she isn’t helping rid the world of wasteful meetings with Docket, Heather likes to run, take violin lessons with her son, and spend time with her family.

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