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Free Video Conferencing Tools to Help You Run Effective Meetings

It’s a time-honored tradition for workers to complain about meetings and the time they feel is wasted when they could be working. Traditional communication among various work groups required individuals in different locations and even different time zones to work out a way to meet in person before major decisions could be made. Modern communication systems like cell phones and email have brought people closer together but those methods still require a certain distance and/or wait time before a response.

Businesses can save money and be more productive by taking advantage of free video conferencing tools so all parties can be present and see the others’ responses. Every participant can easily observe the process and benefit from the feelings of transparency and openness. By scheduling meetings online, meeting facilitators can quickly respond to any requests, bringing clarity to any ambiguous issues. By bringing everyone’s goals into alignment, businesses can run more efficiently while bringing remote teams and clients into one virtual workroom to solve problems. You can relax knowing everyone is on the same page and get down to your real business, saving money at the same time.

Free Cool Video Conferencing Tools to Run Your Meetings

Communication needs used to be one of every business’ biggest expenses. Businesses needed multiple phone lines and operators who could take care of the minute-to-minute needs of clients and workers. Modern companies use computers and can take advantage of much more efficient and transparent means of communication. Video conferencing services have made a big difference in how employees in business communicate today.

Video Conferencing Options

There are a wide variety of free video conferencing tools that businesses can use to help run meetings. In order to use a free conference call, users only need to set up a free account and then follow the simple process to bring everyone into the meeting. Just search for a video conferencing software free download that fits your business’s needs. Zoom video conferencing offers high-quality communications and the system is often compared to a Skype video conference call. Zoom uses cloud computing and participants don’t need their own Zoom account to attend a free online meeting and the best part is that Zoom integrates with meeting tools like Docket, a meeting intelligence platform. Skype is one of the first free online communication services many people became familiar with, and users can have a Skype group video call now with up to 50 people, up from the prior Skype group video call limit of 32.

Screen Sharing and Whiteboarding

Free screen sharing software allows meeting participants to share their own screens to enhance further collaboration. Instead of using presentations, collaborative whiteboard apps allow members to simply share their work in an efficient and spontaneous manner. Free video conferencing with whiteboard, where members can also use an online whiteboard, allows members to upload any information they want to share with other members of the meeting. This free virtual classroom whiteboard makes you feel like you really are in the same room collaborating with your peers. The remote whiteboard allows PowerPoint, audio files, documents and other kinds of files to be shared easily and conveniently. There are many opportunities to use an online whiteboard free online. No matter what information your employees are trying to share, a video conference whiteboard can make the process much easier.


The best video conferencing for small business often requires the best video conferencing equipment. There are several kinds of video conferencing software offered for free, and the top software is high quality, easy to use, and requires little setup. The best video conferencing app and the best video conferencing software will depend on the needs of your company, so it is important to understand the uses and limitations of what is on offer. One of the best free video conferencing app options is ezTalks Meetings. ezTalks Meetings is cloud-based and offers free group video conferencing in ultra-high definition. Zoom helps over 700,000 businesses meet efficiently and effectively because it is recognized as having high quality but easy to use free video conferencing software.

Additional Apps

A type of free video conference app is GoToMeeting, which is web-based and offers a free video conferencing app. Anyone who wants to try this free web conferencing app can take a free two-week trial. One unusual feature to a WhatsApp group video call is that the company started early encrypting its calls and video conferences, making users feel more secure in its use. A video conferencing software list will include several free kinds of software which all offer free services, including free video conferencing apps, free online whiteboards, and other important features. Depending on your company’s needs, you can also find IP based video conferencing software free online.

When trying to figure out what is the best free video conferencing for small business, there will always be some difference based on the needs of the company. Are there participants in different locations or time zones? While it isn’t possible to change time, video conferencing can offer more convenient access to participants with other needs. Even if everyone is in the same city, the time spent meeting in one location and waiting for everyone to arrive will no longer be wasted. Almost anyone can easily find a way to take advantage of a free video conferencing website and software that will help them run more effective meetings.

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