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Finding The Best Free Calendar App

A standard calendar app that comes preloaded on devices can be simply generic versions of what a free calendar app for tracking business and personal productivity should be. If you’re looking to find the best calendar app download 2018, keep reading. Here we will explore the benefits of a free calendar app that has robust features, better syncing and integration across multiple apps, and is easy to use.

To find the best free calendar app, consider a calendar download that keeps your day moving along smoothly. Be alerted to business appointments, personal deadlines, and important events for the next day, week, or month.

The right features in a calendar app can help you get prepared and stay ready for your busy day of meetings, with no double-booked appointments and easy integration with other calendars like Apple Calendar, Calendar 365, and Google Calendar. The right calendar app will allow you to choose who you want to share your schedule, and it should always deliver a real-time snapshot of everything going on in your personal and business life. You will find many download options for free calendars including:

  • Windows Calendar download
  • Calendar app for Android free download
  • Google Calendar app for Mac
  • Best free calendar app for iPhone 2019

Best Shared Calendar Apps

Eliminate confusion in your scheduling life and take away the frustration of a separate shared calendar app iPhone and Android with a free shared calendar app that can support shared calendar app for iPhone and Android. With a shared calendar app you have the best shared calendar app for business and the best family calendar app – all in one. Choose a calendar app that makes sharing your schedule among friends and family easy and simple. When other people in your life have access to your schedule, your life becomes easier and the people you choose will be aware of your time away from home or out of the office.

The best shared calendar app for couples will keep you connected with the one you love. The days of scheduling conflicts for a special night out on the town are over. Shared calendars work both ways, where each person can easily see the other person’s schedule before reserving a table at that special restaurant.

A shared calendar not only organizes your life, but the life of your significant others. You can know what is coming up for each other in the next days, weeks and months with one calendar. The right free shared calendar app is like a private timeline between you and your shared list of people in your life. You can always keep your private life separate from business with a shared calendar app for iPhone and Android.

More Benefits and Features of Free Calendar Options

You will find various free calendar apps across different devices (iPhone or android) and platforms (Microsoft, Google, Open Software). They will all share the basic benefits of tracking your daily appointments, but each will have different features that may fit your needs. Google Calendar is standard on Android devices and features the ability to color code activities for easier identification. A benefit of Google Calendar 2019 is the option of attaching Google Map directions to your scheduled event location for quick access to street navigation.

Microsoft Calendar or Outlook has been the go-to app for business collaborations since the early days of Windows. This calendar app for windows will make sure everyone is aware of meeting dates, will list all attendees, and create group schedules for round table discussions. The Google calendar app for Windows allows calendars to be sent via email or linked on Microsoft SharePoint sites. Invitees can accept, tentatively accept, or decline meetings with a single click. And if a time or date conflict is found, the invited will receive a notification and have the chance to reschedule.

You will find an array of options that are the best calendar app for iPhone 2019 and the best calendar app for android. Choose one that is easy to learn and has customization features to tailor views that best fit your needs. You want to make sure the calendar app has the notification and alert features you need to make sure you don’t miss important meeting when you haven’t checked your phone. Other options to look for include:

  • Agenda on Google calendar
  • Siri compatibility
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Maps integration

Syncing and Integrations

The best free calendar apps will include auto syncing to keep all your calendars updated across multiple platforms. This makes it easier to manage events or appointment from home, the office, or on the road. For instance, you can seamlessly sync your to do list from your Any Do Calendar app to stay better organized and keep track of progress. Consider a product like Docket where your meeting agendas can be synced with Google and Microsoft calendars to help you prepare and share agendas, take notes, and share recaps for your meetings.

Free calendar apps that integrate with other tools will increase your daily efficiency. The ability to sync iCal to Google calendar will allow you to see Apple calendar events on Google calendar. This type of calendar app integration allows for instant updates of your appointments between mobile and desktop devices. If you are a multi-device user (and most people do work across mobile phones to laptop to desktop), integration tools will reduce your shuffling between different apps.

Consider embedding your Google Calendar on your website to keep customers informed of your public activities. Agenda mode Google calendar will email you with your daily agenda every morning. For calendar apps that don’t feature these types of full sync options you can Google calendar subscribe to iCal to sync your calendar to the application.

Visit our website at Docket to learn more about our meeting intelligence platforms whose sole purpose is to help people rid the world of ineffective meetings by making the process before, during, and after meetings super simple. Our proprietary software includes syncing and integration tools with your calendar to support all processes and help run an effective meeting. 

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