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Does Flexible Work Dampen Motivation?

A flexible work situation sounds like the dream to many employees. A secure job enabling  work on a flexible schedule should support work-life balance, and, according to a study by Harvard Business Review (HBR), almost 80% of workers want to work for a company that offers a flexible schedule.

Does Flexible Work Decrease Motivation? 

And yet, the same HBR study (conducted with almost 2,000 employees and students), found that non-standard working hours significantly reduced people’s motivation, making their work less enjoyable. 

That’s because people aren’t used to working during non-standard times such as weekends or holidays, and having to do so puts a strain on them. So why does the idea of flexible or non-standard working situations still appeal to people if it makes them feel worse?

The answer is somewhat simple, and it lies within social norms. The majority of people work on weekdays and rest on the weekend and during holidays, so even if a non-standard worker has had a rest on Tuesday, the idea that they have to do their job on a Saturday (while everyone else is having fun) is a difficult pill to swallow. This can lead to feelings of resentment and ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) and may decrease motivation.

What’s the Solution?

According to HBR, employees need to work on shifting their mindset during traditionally non-working hours so that they don’t treat them as punishments. To do so, they recommend tactics such as installing an app that notifies you when it’s time to work, customizing your calendar, or simply writing down reminders on why flexibility is good for you and worth the extra effort. 

As you try to maintain motivation in non-traditional and flexible work situations, help from productivity apps and other workspace tools can be key. For flexible workers that find themselves on teleconferencing apps all day, Docket is the perfect solution. It’s designed to make your work schedule more clear, effective, and productive, and allows you to collaborate with others in a more streamlined fashion.

Keep your motivation up and your frustration low as you navigate the non-traditional working environments of the modern-day professional world!

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