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Writing a Client Meeting Thank You Email

It’s an incredibly useful sales tool, but one that has become increasingly overlooked in our modern, digital age. The client meeting thank you email or follow up email after business phone call is an updated version of this very effective tool and can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. If you’re invested in building long term, lasting relationships with your clients instead of just winning one time sales, then the client meeting thank you email or recap email after meeting is an essential component you just can’t miss. A simple thank you for your participation in the meeting or thank you for attending the workshop can make a lasting impression. Follow up email after meeting subject line can be as simple as “thank you” or more complex and mention the meeting topics, etc.

5 Benefits of Writing Thank You Emails After a Client Meeting

  • Your clients know they matter: When you take the time to write a thank you email after a client meeting, they know they are valued. A simple, “Thank you for attending the meeting today,” “Thank you for arranging the meeting,” or “Thank you for attending the meeting yesterday” goes a long way. You relay a very clear message – that your client and their time matters to your team, whether they are making a purchase or not. 
  • You add another touchpoint: For brands with longer sales cycles or who require multiple touchpoints to service, a thank you email allows you another way to connect and remind the client that they matter. You’ll move further into your sales process, simply by being polite and attentive. A simple, “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me,” a thank you email after sales meeting with clients, or a thank you letter for meeting appointment time is enough to create an additional touchpoint.
  • A chance to highlight key points: Your followup email needs to be mostly about gratitude, but it can also reinforce your success, key takeaways, and other important details and leave the client on a positive note. A recap email after meeting works well here by starting out with, “To recap our meeting…” Discovering how to write minutes of a meeting example can help you cover the most important points. You can search for examples of how to compose these types of follow-up messages such as “sample thank you email after business meeting,” “sample thank you letter after business meeting,” or “sample thank you email after sales meeting.”
  • Another chance to serve: Your note opens the door for any other questions that may have come up – all the client has to do is hit “reply” to ask what they need to. This makes it easier for you to meet their needs. A meeting recap email sample or thank you email after sales meeting template can help you determine what to write, and what to include in this version. 
  • Say thanks: A simple “thank you for attending the event” email, “thank you letter after visit,” or “[company name] is grateful for your visit” goes a long way and takes just seconds to write, providing you with a lot of value for a small investment. Consider sending a thank you for attending the meeting within 24 hours for best results.
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The Power of Accurate Minutes

That meeting was important — but was it the only thing you did today? Do you remember all of the points and all of the things discussed? Did you really get the big picture, or did you come away with just the highlights? Your minutes of meeting draft or simple meeting minutes template can help you remember all that was discussed.

The details that seemed most important to you, or that you remember best may not be all that important to your clients. When you can review the minutes in detail, you can see what they’ve taken the time to bring up, the topics they’ve returned to multiple times and the things they’ve responded to best. With accurate minutes, you’ll have all of the details you need to craft a compelling thank you note in minutes, and be able to speak directly to your client’s main concern. Review a clean minutes of meeting template with action items to make sure you cover everything you should.

Keep in mind that you can send actual minutes of meeting samples to your team or to the client if needed. Use professional minutes of meeting format to relay key details using a tool like Docket. A free trial is available to get you started today.

Other Useful Tips and Tricks to Effective Client Meeting Follow-up

Effective client meeting followup is all about addressing the details they thought were important during the meeting itself. Other followup steps you can take include:

  • Sending reports, directions and other tips that you offered or mentioned in the meeting
  • Follow-up on any unanswered questions. No one can answer every question, every time. If there was something you were unable to provide full detail on, follow up in the days after the meeting with the missing information.
  • Issue an invitation. If your meeting small talk revealed that your client has an interest in a special brand, location, team or show, and your marketing budget allows, extend an invitation or a small token of appreciation that highlights these interests. Something as simple as a book on a discussed topic can go a long way towards relationship building.
  • Include a followup email after a business call. A call is like a mini-meeting so email can be a critical tool for followup and to cement loyalty.

Start With the Fastest, Easiest Approach

Put the power of a thank you email to work for your brand. We make it easy to connect with your prospects and clients and to make the most of your experiences. You’ll love the results — and your customers will be delighted with the personal touch that you’ve gone out of your way to create. Start a free trial of Docket today discover how we can help you and what we can do for your team and clients.

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