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Bring Virtual Meetings to Life With Remote Meeting Software

Virtual meetings are here for the long haul as more companies announce remote and hybrid work models as permanent. Yet, many employees find virtual meetings to be ineffective. In a study surveying 182 senior managers from a range of industries, 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. A meeting app is essential to take your remote meetings to the next level of efficiency and productivity. Remote meeting software empowers employees to enter meetings confidently and leave feeling ready to take the next step. 

Clear communication and collaboration have never been easier than with Docket, a meeting intelligence app that blends everything you need for streamlining meetings into one organized platform. Preparation, transparency, and accountability are non-negotiable for successful remote meetings, and Docket is the solution. This article covers the advantages of remote meeting software and gives insight into how Docket supports employees and organizations.

Collaborate Cohesively with Agendas

Creating an agenda for a meeting is essential to optimize productivity and make the most out of your time with your team. Agendas ensure that everyone involved in the meeting understands in advance what to expect from the meeting and how they can contribute. With Docket, agendas can include everything needed for a successful meeting; relevant resources and materials can be attached to agendas for easy access.

Successful virtual meetings require a shared workspace for everyone involved. Docket allows for collaborative agendas to give everyone a voice while setting clear goals for the meeting ahead. The process is made easy with ready-made meeting agenda templates and the option to customize your own templates to meet your needs. Time limits for specific topics and discussions help to create boundaries to stay on track and cover all of your bases.

The productivity of a meeting is optimized when everyone is already on the same page from the start. There is no excuse for showing up to a meeting unprepared when Docket ensures that everyone is informed and equipped with the tools they need for a successful meeting in advance!

Leave Meetings with Confidence

Say goodbye to redundant questions about topics that were covered during a meeting. Docket ensures that meetings are concluded with a game plan that everyone is aware of. Recap Distribution keeps everyone on the same wavelength after a meeting has ended by sharing meeting decisions and conclusions. Recap Distribution accurately informs all participants about meeting results and next steps.

Taking notes during meetings helps to keep track of important points and ideas, and with Docket, all meeting participants can record notes onto the same meeting record! Collaborative notes can act as a great post-meeting refresher of key elements and decisions. You’ll never miss a thing.

A remote meeting software like Docket also makes taking the next step simple. Action Items (tasks and next steps) can be assigned in real-time during a meeting. Each participant can then track their task progress to completion in Docket according to the assigned due date. It’s easy to stay on top of your A-game with a meeting workspace when the next steps remain clear and tasks can be managed as needed.

Get the Most Out of Meetings on Every Platform

Countless new apps have made their way into the routines of remote workers that have a goal of staying organized and connected. But, too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. A comprehensive meeting software should eliminate the need for unnecessary apps by providing an end-to-end solution. Everything needed for valuable and productive meetings can be found in one place and syncs with your other go-to applications and video conferencing apps, like Zoom video conferencing software.

Your Google or Microsoft calendar syncs seamlessly with your Docket account, minimizing the need to app-switch to schedule or view a meeting. Automatically share meeting agendas, notes, decisions, and more to Hubspot, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote. You will always have access to your meeting schedule in one organized place.

The Docket App for Zoom, regarded as the best video conference software, features collaborative meeting agendas, virtual notepads for meeting participants, and unlimited storage for meeting materials such as summaries, recordings, transcriptions, and additional attachments. The power of one of the best video conferencing platforms and best video conferencing apps, combined with the power of Docket provides an end to end meeting experience without the hassle of video conferencing equipment, one of the disadvantages of video conferencing software. 

Enhance your organization with Docket Daily Digest emails. The Docket Digest is sent automatically to your email each morning and breaks down the meetings for the day. The email includes a list of meetings with meeting-specific agenda links and important resources. It also reveals which meetings are missing agendas in addition to any “to-dos” to maximize discussion preparedness.

Time to Upgrade Your Virtual Meetings!

As online meetings continue to replace in-person meetings, it is more important than ever to master the art of a successful virtual meeting. Basic online meeting platforms can only do so much. Docket supports employees every step of the way — before meetings have started, while they are happening, and after they are over. 

Now is the time to enhance the communication and collaboration of your team through meeting intelligence software like Docket. You’ll wonder how you ever did meetings without it! Check out our different plans to find something that works for you and your team or try the meeting apps free option. 

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